SEAT Leon 2.0 TDI FR at the car wash

  • Leon’s fashionable white paint begins to suffer with winter grime
  • Simoniz comes to rescue with pack of cleaning kit
  • Our man spends his own elbow grease rather than cash to get it shining again.

I’ve never been at the cutting edge of fashion; my clothes are always at least a season behind those you see on the outlet reduced rail (never mind the catwalk) and I can’t abide wearing scarves indoors. But it seems when it comes to car choices, my white SEAT Leon is finished in this season’s most in-demand hue.

You don’t have to be a fashion follower to realise our pearlescent Nevada White Leon looks the business, especially in sporty FR trim. Combined with the optional 18-inch Performance alloy wheels and LED headlight pack this glitzy paint ensures there’s no shortage of stares on the open road.

In the bright morning light, sun burning brightly into the topcoat it really zings, and even on the dullest of days it’s a hard car to miss.

But as winter sets in and the weather takes its seasonal turn for the worse, it appears other people’s gazes are not the only thing falling on YCZ’s paintwork. Covering 120 miles each day on my commute alone, it wasn’t long before the bright white SEAT soon became a variety of shades of grey. And brown. And black.

Leon dirty tailgate

Leon's tailgate fingerprints showed just how bad the grime was getting

To say the winter road grime was taking its toll on the Leon’s paint would be an understatement.

Thankfully those kind people at Simoniz took pity on my plight and put together an emergency care package more effective than a Gok Wan wardrobe re-shuffle. Arriving in the post was some Wash and Wax, Brake Dust and Alloy Wheel cleaner, Back to Black tyre shine, some colour polish specially formulated for white cars, original wax and some Instant Wax quick shine to keep the level of protection topped up.

Granted it’s easier to take your car to the local hand car wash, and at £29.94 for the products we were sent initially it looks cheaper too. Invest in a bucket and sponge and consider the Simoniz products will do the job twenty times over though and you’ll realise that a bit of elbow grease works out far cheaper in the long run.

Simoniz kit

Simoniz cleaning kit cost just short of £30, but will last months and months

Despite the near 50mpg economy the Leon is returning, my Scottish roots mean that’s a set of figures that can’t be ignored. Plus I was once told by a lecturer of car design that washing a car is the best way to appreciate its surfacing and formplay; the Leon looks so sharp it would have been rude not to have given it a rub down with a sponge.

And what a difference it made. The alloy wheel cleaner ate through the in-grained brake dust and dirt, though it did need some gentle encouragement from a brush to loosen its hold completely. The wash and wax left the paintwork with a glossy finish that beaded water away from it almost instantly.

Leon alloy cleaned

Alloy wheel cleaner even made inside of rim shine again

While it looked good simply washed and dried, it was the polish and wax that played the biggest part in the Leon’s refreshment; the former removed all the fine swirls and scratches and the latter added real depth to the paintwork’s shine. In fact, despite nearly five months of use in our hands the Leon looked like a new car once again.

It might have taken a few hours to complete the task, but to have a car that is once again clean enough to be considered totally OTM (of the moment - I'm told it's a fashion term), I’m confident it was worth it.

Don’t believe me? Have a watch of the video below and decide for yourself.

If you fancy giving your car a spruce up for winter, then check out Simoniz's latest range here.