Suzuki Swift: Simplicity is the key

  • Keyless entry system makes life much easier
  • Engine start button adds a touch of "race car"
  • Driver's side door has become a bit vocal

I like a gadget. I have a smart phone, an iThing and even a clever rotary cheese grater. It’s for this reason that I was mightily impressed once again by my unassuming little Suzuki Swift. It has this thing called Keyless Entry, which is standard on SZ4 models, and it’s a bit of a revelation for me. 

The thing is, you don’t actually have to use the key. As long as you have it on your person then you can appear to walk up to the car, pull the handle and jump right in. The reality isn’t quite that James Bond, since you do have to press a small rubber button on the door handle, but to everyone else it looks pretty cool.

A similar button is fitted under the lip on the boot too. It’s helpful when you’ve got your hands full with shopping or bags, since you don’t have to fumble around in your jeans pocket or handbag and can just walk up and open the car.

Besides the clever key there’s also another neat little touch. When you get in the car you can leave the key in your pocket, put your foot on the clutch and push the Swift's start button to fire up the engine. As well as being very "race car", this once again removes the need to root around looking for keys meaning you can make a swift getaway - I know, a terrible pun - in as little time as possible.

While you may be sitting there wondering if these two labour-saving devices really make that much difference, it’s a big deal for me. Not only is it convenient but it gives the Swift a much more modern feel. It is a little bit cool, too.

Of course you can still use the key fob normally, using the buttons like a conventional remote central locking device.

As a small aside, the driver’s door started creaking like an old galleon today. Me thinks a touch of WD40 is in order.

Current mileage: 6,286

Average mpg: 38.9

Small rubber button allows access to the car