Suzuki Swift: Time to leave

  • We say goodbye to the small Suzuki Swift
  • It's been a brilliant car for a variety of reasons
  • Find out what it's being replaced with...

Sadly, the time has come to wave goodbye to my trusty Suzuki Swift 1.2 SZ4.

Over the past few months I’ve grown to love the little Japanese hatchback. It’s fun, easy to drive, looks good and is seriously cheap to run.

Regularly returning more than 40mpg is no mean feat for most cars, especially so for those with petrol engines. Although the little 1,200cc engine is no flame-spitting Ferrari V12, it got the job done when required. Road Test Editor Simon McBride berated its lack of mid-range torque, which I can understand, but it never left me in a situation where I felt it was seriously lacking in power.

I loved the way it handled and found it a lot of fun through corners. Where rivals like the Volkswagen Polo suffered with feeling a little too grown up at times, my Swift never suffered in that respect. The steering was direct, although you could say it was a little bit light on feedback if you were really picking holes.

Practicality is important for me, so the fact the Swift was a five-door definitely worked in its favour. The boot isn’t huge – this is a small car, after all – so when my TV blew up I had to utilise the rear doors in order to get my new (and modestly sized) telly into the car.

Another thing I liked a lot was the clever keyless entry and engine start system. My insatiable love of gadgetry means I love a toy or two.

It’s a shame to see the little Swift driving off into the sunset, but I can’t be too unhappy. It’s being swapped for its performance relative, the Swift Sport. That means a much bigger engine, far better performance and greatly improved handling.

It’s safe to say I’m very excited about that prospect. Very excited indeed.

Current mileage: 7,146

Average mpg: 40.2