Suzuki Swift: Company car costs

  • Can our Suzuki Swift work as a company car?
  • Costs just £30 per month for a 20% tax payer
  • Range of over 520 miles possible in theory

It might not be the obvious choice for a company car, but our little petrol-powered Swift actually makes a bit of sense for those who don’t need a large, mile-munching diesel saloon.

The first consideration every company car driver has is cost. The monthly outlay in company car tax is an important and significant entity which needs careful consideration. So what about our Swift?

Fortunately for the little hatchback it has a petrol engine. This is an advantage to fleet drivers since it means they aren’t hit by the 3% levy imposed on diesel-engined cars. Its carbon dioxide emissions are 116g/km, so this year company car tax is payable in the 14% Benefit-in-Kind percentile.

If we take the P11d value of my SZ4 model - which is £12,930 – and crunch the numbers we see that the annual company car tax bill for a 20% tax payer is £362. This means the monthly bill is £30, and twice that amount for a 40% tax payer.

Another consideration for company car drivers is range. Our little Swift is capable of 56.5mpg on the combined cycle. With its 42 litre fuel tank that means a theoretical range of around 520 miles between fill-ups. However, during normal driving we’re getting around 40mpg which means a theoretical range of around 370 miles between visits to the petrol station.

Company car drivers also like a fairly practical car. Although the boot of the Swift is only 211 litres, lucky my car is a five-door so there’s scope for putting things in the rear if the boot isn’t big enough.

Finally, company car drivers do demand capable cars. The Swift certainly delivers in that respect. It’s agile, fun and responsive yet easy to drive and economical.

Current mileage: 5,132

Average mpg: 41.7