Suzuki Swift Sport: Comfort considerations

  • Our Swift Sport is surprisingly comfortable
  • It isn't as noisy as other sporty offerings
  • Multimedia system impresses but lacks nav

If you ask me, a car with the word ‘Sport’ in its title has next to no business being comfortable.

Suzuki obviously disagrees though, and is pulling out all the stops to break that trend. The firm seems to have pulled a bit of a masterstroke with the Swift Sport. Not only does it handle well, but it’s actually a rather pleasant place to spend a few hours.

In recent years we see car after car with rock-hard bucket seats and tyres which are so thin they’re practically invisible. This isn’t conducive to mile-heavy motorway motoring unless you like your teeth shaken out.

Suzuki has been thinking about this and has designed the Swift Sport so it uses 17-inch wheels with relatively fat tyres, meaning there’s a nice air cushion between you and the road. It’s not to the detriment of handling, but does improve ride comfort quite significantly.

In another refreshing break from the sports car ‘norm’, the Sport isn’t as noisy as other cars either. Thanks partly to the bigger tyres and partly to the car’s build quality there isn’t a lot of wind or road noise to annoy you. The engine, while definitely at the sportier end of the aural spectrum, doesn’t deafen quite as much as some of the Swift’s competitors. It just sounds nice, which is… nice.

The other factor making the Sport a decent mile-muncher is the front seats. Although a supportive design, they’re very comfortable and soft in all the right places. People getting into the car for the first time quite often remark on just how nice the seats are – it adds a real premium feel to the car and makes it feel special.

Of course, there’s one more factor which makes the nippy Suzuki a nice place to be. It has the very same multimedia set-up I became fond of in the regular Swift. Sure, the Bluetooth handsfree operation could be slicker, but everything works well and the stereo accepts my MP3 player with no fuss whatsoever. If anything it’s slightly louder than in my previous Swift, which for a music-lover like me is a real bonus.

One thing I would have liked is a sat nav system, but fully understand that a car at this price point can’t have every little luxury.

Current mileage: 7,367

Average mpg: 35.62