Suzuki Swift Sport: Hitting 10k, boot hooks and naming cars

  • Our Swift Sport has clocked more than 10,000 miles
  • Boot hook provides a proper practicality boost
  • Fiancé car-naming incident proves female approval

My Suzuki Swift Sport clicked over the 10,000-mile mark the other day. To mark this momentous occasion I decided on a trip to my local middle-class supermarket for some tea. When I came out brandishing my single carrier bag I discovered a revelation in the boot.

There’s a hook to hang your plastic bags on so your fresh tuna steaks and hummus don’t get battered around on the way back to your house. That’s fortuitous for the SSS (a moniker I’ve stolen from Tim Pollard on Car Magazine who’s running an identical car) is a lot of fun to drive, and I rarely make it all the way home from anywhere without taking at least one corner a little enthusiastically.

On some other cars I’ve driven recently the hook has been a little low, so the bag lies on the boot floor and the bag isn’t taught. This doesn’t always work, but with the Swift the boot is nice and deep, the hook placed high up. Your shopping has never been safer.

It just goes to show how well Suzuki has thought out the design of the little Swift. I’ve not found a situation that truly flusters it in my four months of running it. Sure, the range isn’t ideal, but not everyone does the sort of mileage I’ve become accustomed to.

My fiancé Kirsti has fallen totally in love with it, too. She thinks it’s got serious character, the seats are comfortable, it’s easy to drive and – crucially – it looks good too.

In slightly more concerning news, she’s only gone and named it. Poppy; before you ask. Apparently the beep that occurs when locking or unlocking the car sounds like a microwave, and apparently Welsh people say ‘popty ping’ when speaking about microwaves. I’ve never felt so far from understanding how the female brain works, but there you have it.

Although the source of the Sport’s new ‘name’, that beep has become rather tiring of late. I do constant early morning drives, and I’m sure one day one of our neighbours is going to throw their alarm clock at me out of the window as I noisily unlock the Swift. In the daytime it really doesn’t seem that heinous, but at 4:50am it’s almost deafening because there’s simply no other noise at such an ungodly hour. I’m not sure if you can turn it off, but it’s something I’m going to have to consult the manual about.

Current mileage: 10,153

Average mpg: 36.53