Suzuki Swift Sport: Can it work as a company car?

  • Can our Swift Sport work as a fleet car?
  • We show you how to work out BIK tax
  • Our car costs from just £45 per month

It’s probably fair to say I’ve waxed lyrical about how comfortable I find the Swift Sport. It’s surprising really since it’s so much fun to drive, and you’d expect more of a comfort penalty. This got me thinking – would it work as a company car?

Probably the first thing to look at is the monthly costs. The primary concern is company car tax – something slightly more confusing than perhaps it should be. It’s not a simple case of paying tax depending on how much CO2 your car emits, anyway. You have to factor in the price (or more precisely, the P11d value) as well. Then you need to factor in how much you get paid to work out how much of that you’ll have to pay.

To make it slightly simpler, I’ll go through it all for you here. You could of course use the fantastic Parkers company car tax calculator, but since that doesn’t factor in optional extras, it’s worth knowing exactly how to work it out.

First of all, let’s work out the Sport’s P11d value. That’s the list price of the car including delivery fees, VAT and any optional extras. In this case it’s £13,559.

Next, we need to find out how much CO2 it emits in order to work out how much tax we’ll pay. The official figure is 147g/km, which translates into Benefit-in-Kind taxation of 20%. Now we need to work out what 20% of the P11d value is: £2,711.80.

To work out exactly how much you’ll have to pay actually depends on how much you get paid. For those earning less than £35,000 per year, they’ll have to pay 20% of the above figure. For salaries between £35,001 and £150,000 you’ll be in for 40%. Above that and you’ll pay 50%.

So in my case, I’m a 20% tax payer. That means 20% of £2,711.80 – which is £542.36. That’s the annual tax bill I owe, so to split it into monthly bills just divide by 12. Mine works out to £45.20 per month.

I’d say that’s pretty good value for a car with as much character as the sportiest Swift. If you factor in the amount of kit you get too, it does start making a whole lot of sense.

That’s the tax worked out, then. The other consideration for fleet drivers is range. As I’ve already discussed, the Sport will do around 280 miles to a tank of petrol. This isn’t the end of the world if you’re pottering around town, but could become tiresome if you’re doing a lot of miles.

So in theory, the Suzuki Swift Sport can work as a company car. You just need to decide whether the amount of miles you do will mean too many trips to the fuel pumps – but I suspect if that’s the case then you’d be looking at a bigger car anyway.

Current mileage: 11,365

Average mpg: 37.11