Suzuki Swift Sport: Well-equipped

  • Our Swift Sport isn't fitted with any extras
  • Excellent list of equipment as standard
  • Explore the options - what should you buy?

When we’re sent test cars they’re very often crammed with optional equipment in an effort to make the cars seem as luxurious and as well-equipped as possible.

My Swift Sport, however, doesn’t have a single optional extra. It’s got so much standard fare that it just doesn’t need it.

Starting on the inside of the car, the most obvious addition is the excellent sports seats in the front. I’ve already waxed lyrical about how good they are, so I won’t bore you again.

You also get a fully adjustable steering wheel, a fuel consumption display which will show average or instantaneous fuel economy, an outside temperature display and a plethora of other labour-saving devices.

I really like the driving controls on the Swift Sport. The leather-covered steering wheel is ergonomically pleasing and the pedals – complete with stainless steel finish – are nicely positioned and well-spaced.

The only annoyance that I’ve encountered is a distinct lack of cup holders. There’s a space in the door pockets for bottles but if you try to put one of those cardboard coffee cups in there you’re only going to end up with drink everywhere and/or third degree burns on your hands. I speak from an experience which left me as bitter as my beverage.

Exterior equipment specific to the Sport includes the attractive 17-inch alloys, twin exhaust tailpipes, metallic paint, keyless entry and some brilliant automatic HID headlights.

There is a small list of optional extras you can get from Suzuki. One of these is a satellite navigation system, which as I’ve already reported is notable by its absence. At a brain-bending £1,264 thought we can’t help thinking that splashing out on a £200 unit from your local motor factors might be a better bet.

You can also get some interior bits such as an arm rest (which I’d find quite useful), a door sill trim set, a silver finish dash trim and a carpet mat set. For the outside of the car you can buy spoilers for the front and rear bumpers, a decal set telling the world which car you’re driving and a bezel set for the front fog lamps.

I’d say many of these additions are down to personal preference, although it’s probably an idea to steer clear of the graphics for a slightly easier time when selling the car once you’re finished with it. Not everyone likes that sort of thing. They also cost £153.30 at your Suzuki dealership, which is a lot of coin for any sort of sticker.

Current mileage: 7,954

Average mpg: 36.21