Peugeot Boxer dimensions (2006-on)

Looking for info on the dimensions and payload of the Peugeot Boxer large van? Then you've come to the right place, as we've got it all listed on this page - including load area and exterior measurements, towing capacity and gross vehicle weight details.

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Peugeot Boxer capacity & size

4 out of 5 4.0

The Peugeot Boxer range has grown over the time that it has been on sale, with a total of eight different body styles available to choose from now, spread over three different heights, four body lengths and three wheelbases.

In addition to the standard panel van, the Boxer is also available as a crew van with a second row of seats, while in 2018 Peugeot launched a new range of off-the-shelf conversions under the Built for Business label.

This page concentrates on the main van range; as is common practice, the 'L' denotes variations in vehicle length and the 'H' indicates the vehicle height.

Peugeot Boxer exterior dimensions

While this is undoubtedly a large van, there are rivals that offer even greater load space, though few do so in combination with such impressive payload ratings (see below for full Peugeot Boxer payload info).

Peugeot Boxer dimensions - side view, side door open, silver

These are the main exterior dimensions of the Peugeot Boxer van:

Peugeot Boxer van L1H1 L2H1 L2H2 L3H2 L4H2 L4H3
Exterior length (mm) 4,963 5,413 5,413 5,998 6,363 6,363
Exterior height (mm) 2,254 2,254 2,522 2,522 2,522 2,760
Exterior width without door mirrors (mm) 2,050
Exterior width with door mirrors (mm) 2,508
Wheelbase (mm) 3,000 3,450 3,450 4,035 4,035 4,035
Front overhang (mm) 948
Rear overhang (mm) 1,015 1,015 1,015 1,015 1,015 1,380

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Peugeot Boxer interior load area dimensions and capacity

The generous external dimensions naturally translate into a large amount of storage space inside. Payload volume for the Peugeot Boxer ranges from 8.0 cubic metres to 17.0 cubic metres.

In terms of physical internal dimensions, all Boxers have a maximum load width of 1,870mm, with 1,422mm between the wheel arches. You won’t struggle to load a Euro pallet, especially as all but the shortest versions have a 1,250mm side door opening (the small model still has a 1,075mm opening).

Peugeot Boxer dimensions - load area through rear doors, unlined, silver

Sill height varies between 535mm and 565mm – low enough to make access to the back relatively straightforward even without a step.

It’s worth noting that the Boxer’s load area is not lined as standard – not even a floor covering is included – but you do get a steel bulkhead, at least eight lashing points and fixed holes to accommodate a stowing rail. The rear doors have four opening positions.

These are the major load area dimensions for the standard Peugeot Boxer panel van:

Peugeot Boxer van L1H1 L2H1 L2H2 L3H2 L4H2 L4H3
Max load length (mm) 2,670 3,120 3,120 3,705 4,070 4,070
Length at mid height (mm) 2,464 2,914 2,914 3,555 3,920 3,920
Max load height (mm) 1,662 1,662 1,932 1,932 1,932 2,172
Max load width (mm) 1,870
Width between wheelarches (mm) 1,422
SIde door opening height (mm) 1,485 1,485 1,755 1,755 1,755
Side door opening width (mm) 1,075 1,250 1,250 1,250 1,250 1,250
Rear door opening height (mm) 1,520 1,520 1,790 1,790 1,790 2,030
Rear door opening width (mm) 1,562
Load sill height (mm) 535-565
Load volume (cubic metres) 8.0 10.0 11.5 13.0 15.0 17.0


Note: if viewing on a phone you may need to turn the screen sideways to see the whole table

The Boxer is also available as a Crew Van in the L3H2 body size. This has the following load area dimensions (reduced by the second row fo seats compared with the regular L3H2 variant):

Peugeot Boxer Crew Van L3H2
Max load length (mm) 3,075
Length at mid height (mm) 2,335
Max load height (mm) 1,932
Max load width (mm) 1,870
Width between wheelarches (mm) 1,422
SIde door opening height (mm) 1,755
Side door opening width (mm) 1,250
Rear door opening height (mm) 1,790
Rear door opening width (mm) 1,562
Load sill height (mm) 535-565
Load volume (cubic metres) 10.5

Peugeot Boxer payload, weight & towing

4.5 out of 5 4.5

As with its Citroen Relay and Fiat Ducato cousins, while the Peugeot Boxer isn't a particularly modern van, its payload ratings are at the very top of the class - especially for vans limited to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW), which are the heaviest you can drive on a regular car licence.

The Boxer comes in four GVW ratings in total:

  • 3.0 tonnes / 3,000kg - labelled 320
  • 3.3 tonnes / 3,300kg - labelled 333
  • 3.5 tonnes / 3,500kg - labelled 335 or 435 (the 4 denotes the heavy-duty version)
  • 4.0 tonnes / 4,005kg - labelled 440

These figures directly impact the amount of payload you can legally carry, so it's important to know which variant you're driving or risk being fined by the police for over-loading.

Peugeot Boxer payload ratings

The introduction of the 2.0-litre BlueHDi engine took its toll on payload ever so slightly. The prior models with the older 2.2-litre motor are able carry slightly more because they aren’t lumbered with additional weight of the AdBlue tank and other emissions control technology necessary to meet Euro 6 emissions regulations.

Peugeot Boxer dimensions - load area through side door, lined, silver

Anyway, these are the maximum payload ratings for each body length, height and GVW combination on sale in the UK (at the time of writing in May 2019):

Peugeot Boxer van GVW Max payload (kg)
L1H1 330 1,155
L1H1 333 1,455
L2H2 333 1,390
L2H2 335 1,575
L3H2 333 1,340
L3H2 335 1,525
L3H2 435 1,485
L4H2 435 1,440
L4H2 440 1,900
L4H3 435 1,410
L3H2 Crew Van 335 1,420


Even ignoring the 4.0-tonne gross vehicle weight (GVW) versions that can’t be driven on a car licence, the Boxer will carry up to 1,575kg.

The L2H2 is the model to go for if maximum payload is your priority.

Note that exact payload varies with engine output, and the figures here also have to include all the people on board.

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Peugeot Boxer towing capacity

Maximum braked towing weight varies with engine output and GVW, with 110hp Boxers capable of pulling 2,000kg (2.0 tonnes), 130hp managing 2,500kg (2.5 tonnes) and 160hp models rated to 3,000kg (3.0 tonnes).

All heavy duty models (those labelled 435 and 440) also two 3,000kg.

Unbraked towing capacity for all Boxers is the usual 750kg.

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