Vauxhall Astra: Kids these days

  • Astra tells me its tyres need filling
  • Valve caps appear to have gone missing
  • Always seems to happen at the worst time

Just imagine my annoyance. Someone sabotaged my Thursday.

A few days ago I had to wake up early to travel down to Silverstone for my final racing test day of the year. I’d loaded the Astra the night before so all I had to do was hop in and go. I started up the Astra, the dials flew round to their stops and back again, in the way they do, and then I was ready to go. Or so I thought.

Half a second later there was a beep, followed by a warning on the trip computer telling me I had low tyre pressure…in both rear tyres.

The car was telling me I had 21PSI left in both rears. Now, granted it was a cold morning, but I did think this slightly strange having had no issues with tyre pressures at all until this point. Since I was in a rush, and 21PSI isn’t the end of the world, I decided to take a steady drive to the track and top up my tyres after my test when I went to get fuel.

Fast forward nine hours, and 100 laps of Silverstone, and I was ready to set off for home. I called into the petrol station and backed my car in to the bay to fill it up with air. Checking the manual, I found that 32PSI was the correct pressure so set the machine, pulled out the air pipe and reached down to undo my valve cap only to find that it wasn’t there.

I filled that tyre and walked around the other side and found exactly the same thing – no metal valve cap. Same with one of the front wheels too. The cloud began to lift and it became clear that some *insert your favourite four-letter insult here* had nicked a pair of valve caps for his bike, taken one as a spare and had some of my air away too.

Kids these days, eh?  

Current mileage: 6,253

Average mpg: 51.19