Parkers overall rating: 4 out of 5 4.0

Should you buy one?

Yes, if the sheer number of examples being sold is anything to go by. Of course, commercial success isn’t a reliable measure of how good a car is (the old Mokka sold well, and it hardly set the world on fire), but this one is appealing from the moment you first set eyes on it – a genuine revolution for this popular nameplate. The Mokka-e is a striking and up-to-date car – well aligned with the standards we’re coming to expect from mainstream EVs.

The steering, ride and handling are all up-to scratch, and – dare we say it – very much the measure of the more expensive Peugeot e-2008 that it shares so many components with. In many ways, most notably in terms of refinement and ride quality, the electric Mokka-e shades the diesel and petrol-engined versions of the same car. It might not feel as agile on a back road, but in town, its instant acceleration and more cushioned ride make the favoured model of the two – cost considerations aside.

What we like

The Mokka-e is a good-looking small SUV, and the interior has plenty of tech to keep occupants entertained. The car rides well – better than the combustion-engined Mokka – and performance is brisk, if not electrifying.

What we don’t like

Like the Mokka, the electric version is a little on the small side to be a practical family car. It’s fine up front, but the boot, back seats and access are all compromised. A range of just over 200 miles is fine if you’re charging the car every time it’s parked, but longer journeys – especially in cold weather – might make you think twice.

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