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Parkers overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 4.3

Buying new

Always go into a dealership with your haggling hat on and see what happens. VW does huge business so may be able to offer a discount or a favourable rate on a part-exchange.

Online brokers and supermarkets will also offer good deals, but you won’t be able to choose much in the way of extras so be careful you’re getting all you need.

The most popular is set to be the 2-litre 148bhp with a manual gearbox in SE or SE Business trims.

Buying used

Since over 80 percent of Passats will be sold into the fleet market, it makes fantastic sense as a second-hand buy. Ex-fleet cars might have higher mileage, but they’re also far cheaper to buy and will have been maintained brilliantly, usually with money no object.

Make sure you check the interior carefully for wear, and ensure there’s ample tread on the tyres and the alloys are kerbed. These could all be signs the car hasn’t been looked after as much as well as it could have been.

Make sure you carry out a Parkers Car History Check as well. This will highlight any hidden history the car has.


The most important thing here is to make your car stand out, because it’s likely there will be loads to choose from. Decent quality pictures are a must, and make sure the car is spotless too. Any minor damage should be addressed, while a full service and maintenance record is essential too.

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