VW Passat: The first service

  • Peterborough-based VW dealership gets it right
  • Cheap to service, with efficient, friendly staff
  • Passat back on the road, after forced retire

In the last long-term report of the VW Passat, I explained that I had to park it up for a week until the first service in order to protect the warranty.

The 18,000-mile service was due, but because I had missed a booking for the work to be done, I was in danger of putting too many miles on the car before the next available date (see previous report here).

To protect the warranty you need to get your VW Passat serviced within 2,000 miles of the 18,000-mile first service. I was doing in the region of 300 miles a day and had a week before the re-scheduled service date. Therefore, I had to park the Passat up in the Parkers' car park and borrow other people's cars.

It was my fault. Cook's in Peterborough booked the car in within a day when I first phoned them. I forgot to deliver the car, and because Cook's are very busy the next available time slot was some way off.

Still, when the day came to bring the car in I had not exceeded 20,000 miles so the warranty remained intact.

In terms of customer service and value you cannot fault Cook's. I brought the car in at about 10am and agreed a collection time of 3pm that day. My contact Sam was incredibly professional and when I arrived at 3pm the car turned up clean, tidy and within minutes. There was no faffing around.

The first service isn't particularly major: an oil change, fluid top-up and a thorough check-up is all you need but I still think a final bill of £153.34 including VAT is good value, particularly when you see non-franchised garages advertising 'bargain' services for £99. Going to a franchised dealership does give you that extra peace of mind, and it's good to know that VW is still affordable. The same cannot be said of other premium German brands who do charge a lot more.

So the Passat, faultless as ever, is back to day-to-day running. Shame I had to park it up for a week.

Current mileage: 20,486 miles

Average mpg: 42.38mpg