Volkswagen Tiguan: Family friendly

  • Tiguan’s family-friendliness put to the test
  • Sliding rear seat boosts luggage space
  • Easy to get kids in and out thanks to high seating position

At first glance it is easy to dismiss the Tiguan as simply not having enough room inside to be a viable family car.

But delve into the detail a little and the Tiguan comes up with a surprise. That boot which initially looks too small can be made much bigger thanks to a sliding rear seat – liberating an extra 16cm of boot space.

Of course, the downside is this impinges on passenger space in the rear, but this becomes less of an issue when the rear seat occupant is my 20-month-old daughter who currently doesn’t need an awful lot of legroom.

This is a neat solution to the confines of the Tiguan’s small SUV design: for a young family you can put the kiddies in their child seats and slide the seats right forward to liberate enough space in the boot for the travel system (they’re no longer called prams these days), nappy changing bag, umbrella/parasol, kitchen sink, etc…

Or, if it’s just adults in all four seats, push the rear seats back to their regular position and there’s plenty of legroom front and rear. And it’s not just me who’s impressed with this feature – read our owners’ reviews on the Tiguan and you’ll see many of them agree with me.

Another area where the Tiguan performs well is in the ease of loading and unloading youngsters into the back seats.

The Tiguan’s tall stature and high seating position means that it’s much easier to load a toddler into their child seat as you don’t have to stoop down and risk doing your back in. The rear doors also open nice and wide so you’re not stymied in the loading operation either.

All these details don’t mean anything until a little bundle of joy comes into your life and then, all of a sudden, clever and practical touches mean a whole lot more than rakish style and storming performance.

Still, looking on the bright side, I assume my daughter will be leaving home in about 20 years’ time, so perhaps rakish style and storming performance will be back on the agenda.