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Audi Q7 verdict

2015 onwards (change model)
Parkers overall rating: 3.9 out of 53.9

Written by Lawrence Cheung Published: 26 August 2020 Updated: 29 March 2023

Should you buy one?

We like the Audi Q7. More importantly, so do buyers. It’s a popular choice among premium SUVs, and one that ticks a great deal of boxes when it comes to equipment, technology, quality and comfort. If you don’t need seven seats, then the smaller and cheaper Q5 is just as talented, but in a smaller package. However, the Q7 remains a fine option – and the revisions made in 2019 bring it bang up to date with newer models in the Audi range – particularly when it comes to engine technology and the amount systems and features available in the new interior.

While a smooth and refined petrol seems appealing, it just doesn’t make much sense in a heavy car designed for family duties and potential long journeys. For that reason we’d stick with the 50 TDI as the extra power and torque it offers over the 45 TDI will just make life that little bit easier. Sport trim comes packed with equipment as standard, so you don’t really need more than this. However, the extra kerb appeal of an S Line model is bound to appeal, and the standard air suspension makes it supremely comfortable next to its rivals.

If fuel economy really is irrelevant to you, the SQ7 delivers mind-boggling performance for a car of this size, boasting a faintly ridiculous 900Nm of torque and 435hp. For a cut-price alternative to the grandeur of Bentley’s Bentayga, the SQ7 is right up there – it sounds great for a diesel, too. There is a 4.0-litre V8 TFSI petrol engine replacing this diesel engine at the end of 2020, which will have less torque, but more power, a more exotic soundtrack and an even higher thirst for fuel – so buying an SQ7 now or later will result in something very different.

As for extras on the Q7 there’re a few things to add now Audi’s boosted the standard kit count. If you want to feel as safe as possible then the Driver Assistance Tour Pack and/or the City Assist Pack are both worth a look, but of greater appeal to many could be the Comfort and Sound Pack. This upgrades the sound system, includes multi-coloured ambient lighting inside, keyless entry, an electric load cover and 360-degree cameras to aid manoeuvrability.

We think the Q7 is worth a look over the Mercedes-Benz GLE – especially for its greater amount of space in the third row. But if you want more off-road prowess, then the Land Rover Discovery is where you should be looking. The BMW X5 is just as polished an SUV and runs the Q7 incredibly close, so we’d be tempted by that. Alternatively, if you just want a big, practical Audi, the A6 Avant could be the car for you.

2019 Audi Q7 rear view
2019 Audi Q7 rear view

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