Audi TT Coupé 2.0 TDI Ultra S Line : Welcome

  • We take delivery of our Audi TT TDI Ultra S line coupe, which lists at £31,675
  • Choice options quickly take the price our example to £40,075 with delivery
  • Sat-nav not standard, and 20-inch wheels promise to crucify ride – but look great

Most of my colleagues would question just how stylish I am – I may have a keen interest in architecture and a degree in design but fashion is far from my strongpoint. But I believe I’m here, not for the clothes I wear, but the words I write.

So when Audi offered to let us run a new TT Coupe as a long term test car, I thought it might be my chance to redeem myself, and my unfashionable arm shot up before anyone else’s. As the original email was only headed for my inbox, that wasn’t too hard a task.

Audi TT diesel

Finding myself on the UK launch soon after, I used the time to vet the assembled test cars’ suitability as long term companions, and much like automotive speed dating I slipped behind the wheel of as many variations as possible to try them on for size.

There was method to my madness though, as while online car configurators are good (and Audi’s is one of the best), nothing can substitute actually seeing and experiencing a car – and its equipment - in the flesh.

Instantly I knew we’d have to select the diesel model. Sharing the same engine found in my previous Octavia vRS estate it has the potential to return up to 67.3mpg and emits 110g/km of CO2. And with a 7.1 second 0-62mph time it feels just as quick as the turbocharged petrol 2-litre in the real world. Combined with the S line’s visually aggressive bodykit that meant our Ultra diesel’s base price was £31,675.

Audi TT Ultra Diesel

But then I needed to add the stunning 20-inch multispoke alloy wheels, which look great but add another £850, and drop promised combined fuel economy to just 64.2mpg while raising emissions to 114g/km.  We did opt for the Sport rather than lower and firmer S Line suspension though, and so our car rides a little higher than we'd like visually, but should prove slightly more comfortbale.

A subtle colour palette, and a desire for the car to stand out in pictures saw the Glacier White metallic option box ticked, adding another £545.

Not long after driving the first one, I was yearning for some better tunes – not from the engine but the audio system - as the standard unit lacked the punch I was after. The solution was found in the Bang & Olusfen upgrade, which came as part of the Comfort and Sound package.

Audi TT Bang & Olufsen

Along with the stereo it includes rear parking sensors, a front armrest and deluxe automatic air conditioning with integrated displays, for £1,590. As the air-vent mounted climate controls are such an integral part of this car’s interior appeal, it felt like it would have been rude not to tick that box.

The same goes for sat-nav; with the vast and multi-configurable TFT instrument screen nestled behind the wheel it would have been sacrilege to leave the mapping option off. Quite what I would have done with such a large space without the functionality I’m not sure, and considering Audi makes such a song and dance about the display I find it strange sat-nav isn’t standard. As part of the Technology Package, it also includes Audi Connect to allow real-time searching for destinations and other related information. £1,795 later…

Audi TT sat-nav

Cruise control (£295) is another item conspicuous by its absence on the standard kit list, and on top of that we included the £325 heated seats (again as much for the cool visual displays on the vents as anything else) and Audi’s Phone Box (£325), which boosts the signal of your phone while on the move. Having tried the standard seats, we added the SuperSports options, which not only look far more suited to the TT’s image, but offer better support too – even if they do cost a further £695.

Finally, despite the departure of winter and arrival of summer we added the Matrix LED headlights (£945) which will adapt their beam to wrap around the car in front or those approaching – but we’ll cover their effectiveness in a later update.  With such impressive light technology on board, it was clear we needed to add the £110 auto-dimming rear view mirror and the light and rain sensor package (to turn the headlights and wipers on automatically) to take full advantage of it.

Audi TT interior

Which means we now have a gleaming white Audi TT Ultra on fleet, that costs a not inconsiderable £40,075 including delivery charge and first registration fee. A lot of money, but a lot of style too. Think it’s time I brushed up on my image…


Mileage on delivery: 860 miles                           Economy: 64.2mpg (claimed)