Audi TT Coupé 2.0 TDI Ultra S Line: First Impressions

  • A few weeks into TT ‘ownership’ our white coupe makes big impression
  • Ride is surprisingly comfortable, but wheels do induce one other factor
  • Back ache from Supersports seats means a different driving position needed

Tinnitus, says Keith. Repeating himself with both an increase in inflexion and volume. What? Say I…

Seems that while those 20-inch wheels, an £850 option, on our Audi TT look fantastic, not everyone on the team is enjoying their every aspect. Literally smeared with low-profile 255/30R20 rubber, the road noise that emanates into the cabin is considerable. So much so that old-man Jones claims it’s causing a whistling in his ear.

Audi TT white

To be fair to Keith, on some road surfaces the road roar is borderline abhorrent. And it’s all the more noticeable because for much of the time, the TT is super quiet and refined, with a relaxing interior and smooth engine. It’s certainly difficult not to notice it.

If there’s one positive to be taken from Keith’s new affliction, it’s that most of the team feel the ride isn’t as bad as it could be – certainly it’s less lumpy than we were expecting. In fact, unless you hit a particularly sharp expansion joint, or yawning pothole it remains composed and comfortable.

TT s line wheels

Seems selecting the Sport, rather than lower and firmer S Line suspension, has paid off. Even if I do look at the car and think it’s ride height suggests the delivery chocks have been left in the springs at times.

And when it comes to the noise from those wheels, I have the perfect solution. The Bang & Olufsen stereo upgrade, which comes as part of the Comfort and Sound Package, is certainly loud enough to cause tinnitus of its own accord, such is the punch from the speakers.

Audi speakers

Actually, it’s better than that as despite hard-hitting bass, it is laden with warm vocals, bright treble and clarity to rival expensive home systems. The car’s MMI system perfectly controls my iPhone too, though when listening to Spotify the next time I get in the car it automatically defaults to my iTunes folder instead, which can be frustrating.

That’s not as discouraging as the Supersports seats though. They look fantastic, the quilted design for the Alcantara set off buy the supportive bolsters and neat embossing of the S line logo in the headrest. When driving hard, they offer plenty of support and the adjustable under-thigh bolster is always a welcome addition.

But, on my first long journey I noticed a bit of lower back pain. Putting it down to some errant twisting during the previous weekend’s DIY I thought it was all down to me. And then it happened again. And again.

Audi TT supersports seats

Seems my normal driving position, these seats and the TT’s cabin orientation don’t mix. The strong shoulder bolstering pushes the top of my back forward, leaving me sat hunched over and slouched in the chair. The solution so far has been to sit unnaturally upright with the backrest reclined more than I normally like, which has improved matters. It’s still not a car I’d relish travelling to Scotland in, unlike my previous BMW 3 Series, or even the Ford Fiesta ST.

TT cabin

And that’s a real shame, as otherwise the TT would be perfect for the job. Decent economy – though we’re hoping the current figure will improve due to the engine being so fresh – the best cabin design and materials in the sector and sharp looks make it an appealing all-rounder.

I think those wheels look great too. I SAID, KEITH, THOSE WHEELS LOOK GREAT TOO. 

Mileage: 517 miles

Economy: 41.8mpg