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Best family hybrid cars 2023

  • The best hybrid cars for families of all shapes and sizes
  • Hatchbacks, estates, SUVs and MPVs all feature
  • Self-charging and plug-in hybrids included

Written by Tom Wiltshire Published: 5 June 2023 Updated: 21 July 2023

Choosing a family car is always a tricky business and making sure you choose the right fuel is more important than ever. As well as petrol, diesel, or electric, you may find hybrid power is on your shortlist – and that’s no bad thing, as the best hybrid cars on sale today are a really excellent bunch from which you can choose a selection of excellent family cars.

Hybrids come in all shapes and sizes these days, from hybrid estate cars to hybrid 7-seaters and even hybrid luxury cars. Hybrid power is no longer the reserve of virtue-signalling Californians and weird little eco-boxes – now, it’s applied to a vast array of great cars.

We’ve compiled this list of self-charging and plug-in hybrid cars. All are ideally suited to family life, with some hefty seven-seaters for those with large broods and some smaller for young families, single parents, or generous grandparents. Read on to find out what we recommend.

The best hybrid family cars 2023

Editor’s choice: Honda Civic

Parkers award-winning hybrid hatchback

Honda Civic - best family hybrid cars
There’s a good reason we gave the Civic our top honour in the 2023 Parkers New Car Awards.

✅ Great to drive
Efficient hybrid powertrain
Practical, well-built interior

Small fuel tank
Not so efficient on the motorway

We like the Honda Civic. As in, we really like it. So much so that we awarded it our top honour – Car of the Year for 2023.

The Civic makes a great family car if you don’t need the space a people-carrier or large SUV provides. It has a large boot suited well enough to pushchairs or other family detritus, and there’s lots of room for passengers or child seats in the back. Better yet, the Civic is great to drive, expertly blending comfort and handling with an excellent and very efficient hybrid powertrain. It’s better suited to country lanes or city driving than long motorway slogs, but we can’t hold that against it too much.

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Volkswagen Multivan

Plug-in hybrid people-carrier with a versatile interior

VW Multivan - best family hybrid cars
The Multivan is the posh people-carrier you’ve been dreaming of – and not as van-like as its name suggests.

✅ Up to seven seats
Powerful plug-in hybrid option
Drives more like a car than a van

Rubbish infotainment

The Volkswagen Multivan replaced the Caravelle as VW’s ‘posh people carrier’ offering. Whereas the Caravelle was based on the Transporter, giving it van-like handling characteristics and refinement, the Multivan is an all-new model more closely-related under the skin to the Golf – which means it’s comfortable to drive, refined, and has access to VW’s latest engines including an excellent plug-in hybrid variant.

Combine that with seven seats that slide and rotate every which way plus a really premium-feeling interior and the Multivan’s a great choice for large families. It is pricey, though, especially as a PHEV, though reasonable running costs make this a bit more palatable.

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Kia Sorento

One of our favourite seven-seat SUVs

Kia Sorento - best family hybrid cars
The Sorento’s morphed from an agricultural off-roader into a really fine family SUV.

Seven-year warranty makes for painless ownership
Comfortable, spacious interior
Choice of self-charging hybrid or plug-in hybrid

Only one pricey trim level
Not entertaining to drive

Kia’s Sorento’s long been a favourite among families thanks to its practical three-row SUV body. The latest model adds more strings to its bow with a choice of hybrid powertrains – both self-charging and plug-in are available, depending on your needs.

The Sorento’s comfortable to drive and has a solidly-built interior. Plus, Kia’s seven-year warranty remains a big draw, showing the faith that the brand puts into its products.

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Ford S-Max

Aging people-carrier is still a great steer

Ford S-Max - best family hybrid cars
The driver’s choice for MPVs – great to drive despite its age.

Handles brilliantly
Efficient hybrid
Seven seats in a compact package

Cramped third row
Lacks some modern tech

The S-Max has been around for quite a while now but Ford has kept it up-to-date with its latest 2.5-litre self-charging hybrid powertrain. This gives the S-Max reasonable performance and really good fuel economy. Combined with the excellent handling the S-Max has always been endowed with, that makes for a satisfying driving experience.

The S-Max is spacious inside for five, though the third row of seats is better suited to children or teens than it is burly adults. And though the dashboard’s solidly built, it is definitely showing its age with regards to the tech on offer.

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Mercedes E-Class Estate

Posh wagon comes with a brilliant diesel hybrid option

Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate - best family hybrid cars
If you want the biggest boot going, you could do a lot worse than an E-Class estate.

Superb diesel hybrid with excellent economy and long range
Massive boot
Premium interior

Doesn’t feel as well-built as the pricetag suggests
Some tech is overbearing

The Mercedes E-Class Estate has long been a popular choice with those who want a massive boot in a premium package, and by and large it’s always delivered. We like one particular variant more than most, though, and that’s the diesel plug-in hybrid – a rare machine that combines the convenience of around 30 miles of all-electric range with the 60+mpg of a really well-sorted 2.0-litre diesel.

The result is smooth, powerful and hugely efficient, and suits the E-Class perfectly. There’s a lot else to like too, from the huge load capacity to the comfortable ride. The dashboard can be a little confusing and there are some areas of creaky plastic that somewhat spoil the experience, but these are small niggles.

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Nissan Qashqai

Top-seller is available with a really smooth hybrid system

Nissan Qashqai - best family hybrid cars
It’s not going to set the world alight but the Qashqai is a comfy car with a great hybrid powertrain.

Interior well-suited to family life
Clever e-Power hybrid system
Nissan’s best interior yet

Not particularly exciting
Rivals are more spacious

Nissan’s Qashqai has been a huge seller for the brand ever since it replaced the Almera – ditching the family hatchback class altogether and essentially creating the demand for mid-sized, family SUVs that drove like hatchbacks. The third-generation model was released in 2021 and is more spacious, more premium and better to drive than ever before.

We like Nissan’s e-Power hybrid system, which has no physical link between the engine and the wheels – instead, electric motors drive the wheels while the engine acts purely as a generator. It makes the Qashqai very smooth, especially round town, and adds up to an altogether relaxed ambiance.

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Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

More powerful facelifted Corolla is a great option

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports - best family hybrid cars
Toyota’s Corolla is one of the best hybrids around, of any size.

More space than Corolla hatch
Super-efficient 1.8 hybrid
Genuinely rapid 2.0-litre hybrid option

Dull interior
Not the largest boot

Who should know hybrids better than Toyota? Its Prius was one of the first self-charging models to gain real popularity, and now it offers hybrids in almost every vehicle it sells. The Corolla is the brand’s family hatchback, and Touring Sports is slang for estate – so this Volkswagen Golf Estate rival has some big names to compete with.

After a 2022 update the Corolla comes with an incredibly efficient 1.8-litre or a pretty powerful 2.0-litre engine. They’re both self-charging hybrids, and with Toyota’s years of experience prove smooth and powerful enough for a fully-loaded Corolla.

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Dacia Jogger

The value champ, now available as a hybrid

Dacia Jogger - best family hybrid cars
The Dacia’s hybrid system isn’t the smoothest but it offers unbeatable value.

Seven adult-sized seats
Amazing value
Hybrid system works well

Feels its price in places
Not exactly stylish

Dacia’s Jogger is a hybrid in more than one way. Not only does it have the requisite petrol-electric drivetrain, which provides decent fuel economy, a fair lump of power and the only automatic gearbox available on a Jogger, but the bodystyle itself is a fusion of estate, people-carrier and SUV that provides space for seven adults in fairly compact dimensions.

The real story with the Jogger is its value, with prices well under £25,000 even for a top-spec model. That’s unbeatable in this area of the market and makes the Jogger one to consider instead of a slightly leggier used model.

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Honda Jazz

The most spacious small car

Honda Jazz - best family hybrid cars
The Honda’s clever hybrid system matches its flexible interior.

Loads of space in flexible back seats
Tall, uncluttered interior
Solid and easy-to-use functions

Not the largest boot
Not big enough for growing families

The Jazz is an inclusion on this list for those families who have less demanding needs – perhaps single parents, or young families with only one child. Even grandparents who sometimes help out with their grandchildren would be well-suited to the Jazz, which has loads of space in the back seats but would struggle to fit in the detritus of a large family like massive buggies or luggage for a family holiday.

The Jazz’s hybrid powertrain has good performance and great fuel economy, and because it’s a Honda you can be sure it’ll be dependable.

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Vauxhall Astra

Much-improved family classic, with an excellent PHEV option

Vauxhall Astra - best family hybrid cars
Looks good, doesn’t it? Vauxhall’s Astra drives almost as well as it looks.

Looks great inside and out
Comfortable to drive
Spacious estate model available

Not the biggest electric range
Gets pricey – for a Vauxhall

The Astra’s never been a car to stir the senses but the latest model does a much better job than before – it’s good-looking, drives well, and has a spacious and posh interior that feels every bit as good as a Volkswagen Golf’s.

The rear bench is big enough for adults or child seats, and if the hatchback’s boot won’t accommodate the trappings of family life you can opt for a roomy Sport Tourer (estate) instead. The plug-in hybrid model doesn’t have the longest electric range, but it’s still usable and efficient.

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What is the most economical hybrid family car?

This is hard to answer as there isn’t a definitive definition of a family car. The most economical car on this list is the Vauxhall Astra PHEV, which will officially do up to 256.8mpg. As ever, official mpg figures for PHEVs are largely irrelevant unless you drive short journeys and plug in religiously. During our long-term test of the Vauxhall Astra, we achieved around 80mph.

What is the biggest hybrid family car?

The largest hybrid family car question is hard to answer as there’s no clear definition on what constitutes a family car. The Mercedes GLS is certainly one of the largest cars on sale and is available with mild hybrid diesel and petrol engines.

What hybrid family car is the best for child seats?

We like the Volkswagen Multivan. It’s available with the same eHybrid plug-in powertrain as many of VW’s hybrid passenger cars and there’s seating for up to seven. All seats in the second and third rows get Isofix for securing child seats too.

Tom Wiltshire 

Tom Wiltshire is a Senior Staff Writer on Bauer’s Digital Automotive Hub. He’s written for numerous outlets, including Auto Express, evo and the Press Association, and now divides his time between Parkers and CAR. Tom’s a committed Peugeotist but buzzes off almost any car that’s tiny and silly.