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Search new and used BMW 5-Series cars for sale on Parkers. You can browse thousands of cars for sale in the UK in our easy-to-navigate classified adverts. Then, using our search tools, narrow your search to find the perfect BMW near you for a price that’s within your budget.


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Buying used brings almost unlimited choices if you're looking to buy one of many BMW 5-Series cars for sale. You can click the links below to search through a wide range of cars for sale across the UK. As well as that, you can use our search tools to tailor your results based on price, location, engine and trim – depending on your own personal preferences. With Parkers, you'll be able to find the right used car at the right price for you.

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Want all the benefits of a new car but at a significant cost saving in cash terms? Buying a nearly-new car generally brings you the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty, full main dealer support, and a used car with low miles on it. To search for nearly new BMW 5-Series cars for sale on Parkers, click on the links below. You will find the best cars for sale near you, and by using our search tools, you can narrow your choice, and find the perfect BMW 5-Series at the right price.

Search new and used BMW 5-Series cars for sale on Parkers. You can browse thousands of cars for sale in the UK in our easy-to-navigate classified adverts. Then, using our search tools, narrow your search to find the perfect BMW near you for a price that’s within your budget.


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Benchmark premium executive saloon – monster M5 imperious

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Frequently asked questions about the BMW 5-Series

  • What is the BMW 5 Series?
  • A staple of the executive car market, the BMW 5 Series is one of the brand's most profitable cars and has been part of the Munich firm’s range since 1972 - more than eight million have been sold since then. Now in its seventh generation, the current 5 Series (codenamed G30) was launched in 2017, tackling two familiar arch-rivals, the Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Other competitors include the Jaguar XF and Volvo S90. Always one of BMW’s most well-crafted cars, the latest 5 Series ranks as one of the finest iterations yet, with smart styling, a rich interior and the best driving experience in the sector.
  • Which versions of the BMW 5 Series are available?
  • As has been the case since 1992, it is available in two derivatives: a four-door 5 Series Saloon or an estate-bodied 5 Series Touring. It is also offered in very popular 530e plug-in hybrid and M5 performance guises, but both of these only come in saloon form. By far the bestselling 5 Series are the four-cylinder versions, particularly the 520d, which uses a 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine - this was one of the first engines to receive BMW's mild-hybrid technology at the end of 2019.

    Towards the top of the range, the 3.0-litre six-cylinder petrol and diesel models are lovely, but these days are niche offerings. A handful of versions are available with xDrive four-wheel drive; other versions are rear-wheel-drive only. Model variants open with SE, and the alternative is M Sport: BMW keeping things simple with just two core models. M Sport is easily the bestseller in the UK.
  • What is the BMW M5?
  • The sublime BMW M5 sits at the top of the 5 Series range, packing a 4.4-litre turbocharged V8 engine that produces a remarkable 600hp. Because it has so much power, xDrive four-wheel drive was deemed necessary, for the first time on an M5.

    To please the purists, it has a two-wheel-drive mode so you can still enjoy rear-drive action on a track. It’s faster in four-wheel drive mode, though: 0-62mph takes just 3.4 seconds. A staggeringly accomplished driver’s car, the latest M5 is a real return to form after its slightly disappointing predecessor. And if the standard car isn’t quite fast or focused enough for you, an M5 Competition version adds 25hp and even more excitement.
  • Is the BMW 5 Series good to drive?
  • The 5 Series has a tradition for setting the standard in the executive car class for driver satisfaction. The latest car is no exception. Even the core 518d and 520d are enjoyable, with effective and rattle-free diesel engines, plus a chassis that is standard-setting through the corners and impressively comfortable and confident on the motorway.

    Go for the 520d if you can: it’s no less economical but usefully more brisk than the 518d. Adding yet more power adds to the appeal, and xDrive models feel little different to cheaper rear-drive versions – apart from the extra confidence and ability they bring in the winter. As mentioned, the M5 is virtually flawless and when driven in full electric guise, the 530e is the epitome of smooth-driving refinement.
  • Should I buy a BMW 5 Series?
  • These days, all 5 Series are well equipped with LED headlights, leather interior and automatic transmission all standard, but its the interior and exterior styling upgrades, including the purposeful bodykit, that make the M Sport models desirable.

    Compared ith its A6 and E-Class rivals, it's remarkably good value, especially when acquired on finance packaages, and could be set to become cheaper still later in 2020 just before the mildly facelifted models arrive in the UK.


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