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Frequently asked questions about the BMW X5

  • What is the BMW X5?
  • Now in its fourth-generation, the original X5 was BMW’s first move into the ever-expanding large SUV market, and what a strategic decision it proved to be. BMW now offers seven crossovers, so the X5 has quite a legacy after two decades on sale.

    In Mk4 guise, the X5 goes toe-to-toe with the Range Rover Sport, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz GLE and Audi Q7 for plush SUV supremacy. Although it’s never quite had the prestigious style of a Range Rover or the badge kudos of the Porsche, like the Q7, the X5’s always had road presence. It also offers commendable driving dynamics, as a riposte to the festival of body-roll that Range Rovers once were.
  • Which versions of the BMW X5 are available?
  • As with its predecessors, the Mk4 X5 (G05 to use its internal codename), the American-built crossover is available in just a single bodystyle. Both five- and seven-seater versions of the X5 SUV are available – although, as this generation was only launched towards the end of 2018, the range is still being fleshed out.

    A range of six-cylinder engines are available in both diesel (xDrive30d) and petrol (xDrive40i) guises, with more powerful M50d and M50i versions above them. Plug-in hybrid power returned towards the end of 2019 in the form of the xDrive40e. Automatic transmissions and xDrive all-wheel drive is available across the range. As for specifications, you can get a more rugged-looking xLine and the ubiquitous M Sport – both are generously equipped.
  • What is the BMW X5 M Competition?
  • Sitting atop the range as a performance-focused halo model is the X5 M - MX5 would be more logical, but Mazda would clearly have something to say about that. Available since the end of 2019, the twin-turbo petrol-guzzling V8 is shared with the M5 sports saloon.

    UK buyers only receive the punchier 625hp X5 M Competition - in fact, across much of BMW's British M-badged range, many are now only available in faster Competition spec. How fast? A 3.8-second 0-62mph time suggests 'very'.
  • Is the BMW X5 good to drive?
  • The X-badged BMWs have never been the last bastion of BMW’s old ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ slogan, but have always put a strong foot forward. This Mk4 X5 is no exception, putting its modern underpinnings to good use. All-wheel drive is always a welcome companion in dicey conditions and the rear-wheel steering tightens the X5’s lines at low speed. The X5 rides level but smooth and the engines pull well, especially those mighty M-badged models. The days of these cars driving well ‘for an SUV’ are pretty much over.
  • Should I buy a BMW X5?
  • While the X5 undercuts the Range Rover Sport on entry-level cost, rivals from Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche typically undercut the BMW by a few thousand pounds. Although somewhat less prestigious marque, the Volkswagen Touareg can be as much as £10,000 cheaper.

    So is the X5 worth paying so much for? Yes, particularly if you appreciate the agile handling usually associated with BMW and need something a touch more practical that the Cayenne. Just exercise caution when considering those extra-cost options.

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