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7 Series comfort, more luggage space than 5 Series Touring, less desirable than either


Believe it or not, the BMW 6 Series lineage spans right back to 1976. Internally coded the E24, the 6 Series originally featured a 3.2-litre engine with 195bhp. In 1978 the classic 635CSi was launched with its 3.5-litre engine and 138mph top speed, which was impressive in its day.

Gearbox options were a five-speed dog-leg manual or a more common four-speed automatic. Then in 1984 BMW decided to take the engine from the M1 sportscar and install it in the 6 Series chassis, creating the extremely desirable BMW M635CSi. This was also known as the first BMW M6.

The 6 Series didn’t appear in BMW’s line-up again until 2004, at which point it was known as the E63 or E64.