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Study claims excess caffeine puts lives at risk

  • Study warns caffeine wears off after an hour
  • Repeated caffeine consumption has side effects
  • Drivers relying on caffeine could be risking lives

High mileage business drivers who use high energy drinks to keep them going have been warned by IAM Fleet and Drive & Survive there could be hidden dangers in relying on caffeine drinks.

The US National Safety Commission (NSC) has issued an alert for those driving under caffeine intoxication, similar to warnings associated with drinking alcohol and driving.

Research has shown that just an hour after drinking a highly caffeinated and sugared drink, tired drivers can experience serious lapses in concentration and slower reaction times as the drink wears off.

Excessive caffeine consumption can cause similar symptoms to alcohol intoxication according to the American Food and Drink Administration (FDA) which has attributed symptoms such as irritability, nervousness, irregular or rapid heartbeat, muscle twitching and rambling speech to what it terms 'caffeine intoxication'.

Managing director of IAM Fleet and Drive & Survive, Seb Goldin, said: 'Having a high-caffeine drink is a one-off hit - you can't repeat it, as this type of drink does not produce the same effect in a couple of hours' time.'