Auris Hybrid priced from £18,950

  • Auris Hybrid undercuts Prius on price
  • Offers lower company car tax bills
  • On sale now, priced from £18,950

Toyota's new Auris Hybrid model will offer even cheaper company car tax bills than its Prius hybrid sister car.

The Auris Hybrid, which is on sale now, is priced from £18,950, which undercuts the Prius by £555. As both models offer the same CO2 emissions, it means the Auris will be slightly less expensive in company car tax terms than the Prius - £379 per annum against £390.

Both cars share the same petrol/electric drivetrain, with the Auris offering CO2 emissions of 89g/km (93g/km for higher spec models with larger wheels) and economy of 74mpg (70mpg).

Like the Prius, the Auris Hybrid can run solely on electric power with zero emissions over distances of up to 1.2 miles at a speed of up to 30mph.

Toyota will offer the Auris Hybrid in two versions - T4 and T Spirit. Both are well equipped with climate control, LED running lights, CD/radio/MP3 player and seven airbags.

T Spirit trim, which starts at £20,700, adds leather and Alcantara seats, cruise control, Bluetooth and a rear-view camera.