Drivers not getting tax advice

  • Research shows employers not giving drivers tax advice
  • Three quarters of companies are restricting car choice
  • Drivers want to cut their company car tax bills

Research by the country's largest leasing company has shown that the majority of drivers do not feel their employer is giving them enough advice when choosing a company car.

Three in every five company car drivers questioned by Lex Autolease feel they not being given all the facts to help them save money.

The results found that many company car policies do not explain the tax implications of vehicles to staff. And a third of respondents said their company did not provide a wide choice of low emission vehicles to choose from.

With lower CO2 emissions linked directly to lower company car tax bills, some drivers are not able to take advantage of the tax system by opting for a vehicle with CO2 emissions below 120g/km.

Part of this restriction in choice is due to the after-effects of the financial meltdown last year, which saw companies opting for single-badge or restricted choice lists in a bid to save money.

To find out how much your car will cost in company car tax, log on to the free Company Car Driver Tax Calculator here.