Council gets interactive road works

  • Road workers can now be tracked in real-time by the public
  • Buckinghamshire is the first region to get the system
  • Services such as gritting and grass cutting can be monitored

Residents in Buckinghamshire are the first in the country to get interactive road-work monitoring.

The system, which uses ‘Masternaut' satellite vehicle tracking devices (already fitted to all council vehicles in the area), sends information to a service information centre which then builds a map of where council crews are working.

However, it doesn't stop there.

Users can also see what road workers have been tasked to do and how long it should take. Residents are able to log-on and find out when their grass verges will be cut next, or find out which roads in the area have been gritted when it's been snowing.

The public can also get involved in the repairs.

Transport for Buckinghamshire, the alliance between the county council and transport infrastructure firm Ringway Jacobs, has set up the system to let people file reports on highways which need attention.

This means the council has a better idea where its resources could be used. The aim is to provide more transparency for the general public, so people are aware of exactly what the council road workers are up to without having to call the council.

Another advantage of the system is that it can be linked directly to the PDAs of team leaders and also to work control rooms, allowing precise management and allocation of resources to ensure jobs are completed as soon as possible by the crews best qualified for the job.