Engine fault prompts safety recall

  • Lexus GS and LS models affected
  • Faulty valve may result in engine stopping
  • Helpline for concerned drivers - 01737 367601

Lexus is recalling 3,200 vehicles in the UK to rectify a potential engine fault.

The models that are potential affected are the GS450h, GS460, LS460 and LS600h, which may have a faulty valve spring that can cause abnormal engine noise or unstable idling. In extreme cases, it could cause the engine to cut out. However, no accidents have been reported in relation to this problem.

The recall follows a widespread recall of vehicles from Lexus' sister company, Toyota, earlier this year.

Lexus will contact affected owners and organise corrective action. Drivers with concerns about their car can contact their local Lexus centre or the company's customer relations team on 01737 367601.