New safety measure for future Toyota models

  • All Toyota models will get brake-override system
  • Safety measure comes after worldwide recalls
  • System will cut power to engine to stop the car

Japanese car maker Toyota is set to add a safety system to all of its future models after worldwide recalls.

The move comes after seven different models were found to have a potentially faulty accelerator pedal while the latest Prius model was recalled for having a brake problem.

This new brake-override system will cut the power to the car's engine if the driver presses down the accelerator and brake pedal at the same time.

Problems for the manufacturer began when they were forced to issue a mass recall of eight different models - including the popular Aygo and iQ models - due to a problem with the accelerator pedals partially sticking. Although the number of models was later reduced to seven with the RAV4 no longer affected, Toyota was still forced to recall up 2.3 million cars world wide.

The problems continued for the company as it then announced that the latest version of the hybrid Prius model would have to be recalled due to a problem with the brakes in the car.

Work on the recalls is well under way, with a Toyota spokesperson telling Parker's that in the UK more than 20,000 vehicles had been fixed up to February 17 with all the parts to fix remaining vehicles arriving by February 26.

The firm are set to introduce a number of initiatives to help with future quality issues. These include a stronger framework to deal with receiving and monitoring customer feedback, the appointment of chief quality officers worldwide, a new special committee for Global quality and the company taking more active use of its cars on board data recorders for information. 

Any customers who want to know more or are worried about their car can call Toyota Customer Relations on 0800 1388 744.