TomTom offers Star Wars voices

  • Star Wars characters give directions
  • Yoda download joins Darth Vader and C-3PO
  • Available to download from TomTom at £7.95

If you're getting bored by the monotone voice from your sat-nav, help is at hand.

TomTom is offering buyers of its portable devices the chance to add in more 'interesting' voices to make journeys a little more enjoyable.

The latest voice to be added is that of Yoda - the Jedi master character from the Star Wars films. He joins Darth Vader and C-3PO who are already available and can be downloaded from the TomTom website for £7.95.

According to TomTom, Yoda's instructions include dialogue inspired by the original Star Wars films, such as: "After 700 metres, hmmm, turn right. Control, control, if a jedi you wish to be."

And if this starts to grate on you after a while, Yoda's voice instructions are also available in German.