Top five fake 4x4s

  • Top five cars that look like 4x4s yet are front-wheel-drive
  • All with better fuel economy and lower emissions than 4WD
  • Cheaper company car tax without sacrificing 4x4 image

News that the new Range Rover Evoque will come with a two-wheel drive option may shock the brand purists, but fake 4x4s are nothing new. Then there's Nissan's funky looking Juke - only one version of the line-up has all-wheel-drive, even though it's touted as a 4x4/sport crossover. Range Rover and Nissan are not alone - the drip-drip of high-riding SUVs has turned into a torrent and now there's plenty of rugged '4x4s' that only hves two driven wheels.

Here's our top five...


1. Nissan Qashqai 1.5 dCi PureDrive Visia

At a whisker under £16,700, the Qashqai is very good value. Spec levels are decent, it feels well built and while the 1.5-litre diesel is no ball of fire, it returns adequate performance. A trade-off is company car tax based on 18% of list price.

Price £16,695 CO2 emissions 129g/km. BIK banding 18%. Fuel economy 57.6mpg


2. Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi 140 2WD Zetec

Looks great and looks much better value thanks to Ford's recent price cuts, which have taken up to £1,300 off. Thje Kuga has always been one of the best of the breed when it comes to on-road ride and handling - front-wheel-drive means you needn't feel obliged to get it muddy.

Price £20,495 CO2 emissions 156g/km. BIK banding 23%. Fuel economy 47.9mpg

3. Volvo XC60 D3 DRIVe ES


Good looking and with a stylish and well-made interior, the XC60 builds on the success Volvo has enjoyed with the larger XC90 SUV. DRIVe badging means it's the lowest-emitting model in the range, while the badge ensures strong residual values.

Price £26,795 CO2 emissions 154g/km. BIK banding 22%. Fuel economy 47.9mpg


4. Toyota RAV4 2.2 D-4D 150 XT-R 2WD

A perennial favourite among SUV buyers, the RAV4 also offers strong residuals, which translates into competitive monthly contract hire rates. Now comes with a five-year warranty as Toyota moves to assure buyers that the recent mass recall was merely a blip.

Price £22,410 CO2 emissions 150g/km. BIK banding 22%. Fuel economy 49.5mpg


5. BMW X1 sDrive 18d SE

An unusual model in this company as the X1 sDrive is rear-wheel drive while the others all channel power through the front wheels. EfficientDynamics diesel engine delivers an astonishing 54mpg while ensuring the X1 drives in a manner befitting the brand.

Price £23,315 CO2 emissions 136g/km. BIK banding 19%. Fuel economy 54.3mpg