Tyre checks essential to save money

  • Experts warn of dangers of under-inflated tyres
  • Impacts on fuel economy and hit drivers' wallets
  • Low tyre pressure means greater risk of blow-outs

Drivers in the UK are wasting more than half a billion pounds' worth of fuel each year between them due to poorly inflated tyres.

With average petrol prices nearing a record £1.20 a litre, research by TyreSafe has shown that more than a third of drivers do not keep their tyres inflated to the recommended levels.

It tested 4,500 vehicles over a three-month period and found that 36% had tyres which were under-inflated by more than 8psi.

This increases the tyres' rolling resistance, making the engine work harder and thus using more fuel. TyreSafe reckons that tyres under-inflated by 20% use 3% more fuel.

Using this figure, TyreSafe estimates that £0.7 billion in fuel is being wasted every year by drivers in the UK.

As well as impacting on fuel economy, TyreSafe also warns that under-inflation increases the risk of a tyre blow out, as well as impacting on handling and grip levels.

It advises checking tyre pressures at least once a month against the manufacturer's recommended levels.