Drivers urged to slow in safety week

  • Road safety charity Brake launches Road Safety Week
  • Campaign urges drivers to sign a pledge to slow down
  • Guidance and facts available at

Company car drivers are being asked to sign a pledge to slow down as part of road safety charity Brake's Road Safety Week.

The event takes place from November 22 to 28 and will see the charity urging companies and their drivers to sign a pledge to slow down when behind the wheel.

As part of the campaign, Brake has issued guidance to drivers to help them keep their speed in check.

The tips include never getting behind the wheel of stressed or under pressure. Simply ring ahead to your next appointment and say you will late instead.

Drivers should also remember how it feels to drive at a slower speed. This helps because often speed creeps up and drivers may not be aware just how fast they are going.

The launch of the campaign comes as many local authority road safety partnerships are facing cuts in funding due to the austerity drive being championed by the coalition government. One of the knock-on effects will be reduced spending on road safety projects, as well as the cancellation of speed camera activities.

For further details of the campaign, go to