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BMW sat nav warns of traffic chaos

  • New system shows drivers the latest traffic problems
  • Information can be viewed remotely before journeys
  • Updated every three minutes and offers different route

Written by Parkers Published: 11 October 2011 Updated: 11 October 2011

BMW is offering customers a new advanced traffic information system with fast, accurate and reliable data on traffic problems in the UK.

Named Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) the system is meant to help drivers avoid major congestion and even offer an alternative route to stay clear of traffic problems.

The information is presented on the sat nav map with a colour-coded system to show how well traffic is flowing.

The manufacturer claims that the system provides superior accuracy as roads can be split in to distances as shorts as 500m and information is updated every three minutes.

Furthermore, the system also monitors the traffic flow of the alternative route to calculate which route is the most time efficient and can actually recommend for or against alternatives. This gives the driver the option of accepting the traffic jam ahead if the other routes offer no time saving benefits.

It’s not just in the car that the system benefits drivers. When planning routes the information is all available through a specific BMW web portal, giving you a chance to change your route before you even set off.

The system is available on any new model that is specified with the BMW Professional sat nav system and Bluetooth connectivity with telematics.

Coverage includes all major road networks and motorways in the UK as well as pan-European networks.