Top five low-tax luxury crossovers

  • Five of our favourite top-of-the-range crossovers
  • Tax costs calculated - which would you pick?
  • Inspired by Mazda's CX-5: low costs, great drive

The crossover has become a very popular type of car in the UK. With the parctiality of an off-roader but the smaller, more versatile size of a regular hatchback, it's easy to see why they've become so popular. 

We were impressed recently by the new Mazda CX-5. It’s a crossover that boasts extremely low running costs thanks to SKYACTIV technology, which lowers CO2 and improves fuel consumption. It also has loads of kit and is great to drive.

However, you can’t buy the CX-5 yet, so what if you are after a crossover with plenty of kit now? Here at Parkers we’re here to help. These are our top five low-tax premium crossovers: 

Nissan Qashqai 1.6 dCi Tekna

Why buy?

The Qashqai is the model that started the whole crossover craze and is one of the best-selling in the UK, and with good reason. An excellent range of engines is coupled with a great chassis and dynamics that belie its portly dimensions. Tekna spec means you get all the kit too, so you won’t be left wanting in the equipment stakes.

MPG: 62.8

Emissions: 129g/km

BIK band: 19%

P11d: £24,040

Company car tax*: £152

MINI Countryman Cooper D 1.6

Why buy?

This is MINI’s reaction to the huge success Nissan has had with the Qashqai. An engaging drive, the Countryman makes up for its 'interesting' looks with dynamic ability and sheer entertainment. You don’t get as much kit as standard on this model, so expect to pay extra for optional ‘packages’ to bring it up to speed with the rest in this test.

MPG: 64.2

Emissions: 115g/km

BIK band: 13%

P11d: £19,155

Company car tax*: £81

Skoda Yeti Elegance Greenline

Why buy?

A Skoda in a luxury crossover feature? Bear with us. The Yeti is great to drive, rugged, has a well-conceived and stylish interior and is well built too. ‘Elegance’ trim means you get loads of equipment, including Skoda’s excellent sat nav system, lots of storage space and leather upholstery.

MPG: 61.4

Emissions: 119g/km

BIK band: 13%

P11d: £20,310

Company car tax*: £88

Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 104g

Why buy?

It’s the world’s first mainstream diesel/electric hybrid car, and it’s very good. The normal 3008 is a car we became extremely fond of for its mixture of practicality and driving ability. The addition of an electric motor means running costs fall significantly. The only slight issue is that you do pay a premium for the hybrid powertrain.

MPG: 70.6

Emissions: 104g/km

BIK band: 10%

P11d: £28,440

Company car tax*: £95

BMW X1 sDrive 20d Efficient Dynamics

Why buy?

The fourth X model is also BMW’s smallest so far. Based on the 1-Series, BMW has gone to great lengths to make sure this model drives just as well as the rest of the range. Direct steering and sharp handling combine with added practicality thanks to the size advantage over the conventional 1-Series.

MPG: 62.8

Emissions: 119g/km

BIK band: 13%

P11d: £25,660

Company car tax*: £111

*Company car tax is worked out on the 40% pay scale and is shown as a monthly amount.

Parker's Top Tip

Don't forget you can use our company car tax calculator to get an idea of how much you should be paying in tax in month for your car. You can also check our reviews section for more information about the cars you are interested in.