Volvo reveals more Plug-in Hybrid details

  • Blend of performance and low running costs
  • Emissions of just 49g/km cuts down tax price
  • Available to order spring 2012, arriving 2013

Volvo has released further details on pricing and specification for the all-new V60 plug-in Hybrid.

The company car sector is set to be a big market for the new model, with Volvo expecting 80% of sales going to the fleet market. The firm also claims that it could cost as little as £85 per month in Benefit-in-Kind tax for anyone in the 40% tax band.

This low tax costs is down to emissions of just 49g/km, while it has a total range of 746 miles, according to Volvo. However, despite the low CO2 figures, performance hasn’t been compromised.

Powered by a 2.4-litre five-cylinder diesel engine producing 212bhp combined with the 69bhp electric motor, it will reach 62mph in as little as 6.2 seconds. It comes fitted with a six-speed automatic gearbox.

There are three driving modes available. Pure mode powers the car by just the electric motor up to speeds of 60mph and can cover a total of 32 miles, dependent on terrain, climate and driving style. Hybrid combines the two powertrains to give the best balance between driving pleasure and emissions and economy. Finally, Power mode gives the best possible performance.

It also comes fitted with an AWD mode. Unlike other systems though, the front wheels are powered by the diesel engine and the rear wheels by the electric motor, which may mean it’s not as effective as standard systems.

The V60 Plug-in Hyrbrid can be recharged from a standard plug-in point at home. Recharging time varies depending on power. A full charge with 10A takes 4.5 hours. This is cut to 3.5 hours with 16A, while a 6A charge takes 7.5 hours.

Like other electric cars, including the Nissan Leaf, the V60 Plug-in Hybrid comes with a compatible smartphone app. Volvo OnCall allows owners to control the air con and heating of the car while it’s being charged as well as a reminder to connect the charge cable if it hasn’t been done by a predetermined time.

The first models will all come with silver paintwork, aero-designed 17-inch wheels, integrated exhaust tailpipes and a number of unique bodywork details over the standard V60. The chromed “Plug-in Hybrid” badge will be seen on the boot and front wings.

There’s a decent amount of standard kit too, including parking sensors front and rear, Bluetooth phone link and Volvo OnCall, plus High Performance Multimedia DVD audio system with 4x40 W amplifier, eight loudspeakers and seven-inch display screen.

Orders can be placed from spring 2012 with production of the first 1,000 cars beginning in November 2012. Buyers can then expect to get their cars sometime in early 2013.

The numbers will then rise for 2014 with the company looking to push production up to between 4,000 – 6,000 cars. The majority of cars are expected to stay in Sweden with around 30% of cars being sold here, while the UK is likely to get between 5% and 15% of cars.