Company car crashes uncovered

  • Company car drivers crash more than private motorists
  • Over half of crashes were recorded in clear weather
  • Major A roads are Britain's most dangerous

A survey by an accident management company has lifted the lid on company car crash trends.

The study, carried out by Total Accident Management, shows that business drivers collision rates are 30-40% higher than private drivers.

When considering the impact weather has on fleet accidents, more than half (53%) of incidents happened in clear weather. Adverse conditions such as rain, sleet and snow accounted for just 4%.

Most collisions were recorded on major A roads, with 20% of the crashes recorded on these. Next came B roads with 11% and then minor A roads with 9%. Motorways accounted for just 2.27%, further cementing their place as some of the safest roads in Britain.

Almost 10% of accidents happened in car parks. While these crashes occur at lower speeds, drivers have far more to concentrate on than when out on the open road. This sort of collision is likely to be the most costly to repair.

The survey was carried out between April 2011 and May 2012 across a broad section of company car drivers.

“We collect the data at regular intervals, which allows us to get a better picture of seasonality and external influences, and how they impact on accidents,” explained Total Accident Management’s operations director Amanda Mullans.