New Volvo models for company car drivers

  • New "Business Edition" S60, V60 and V70 models
  • Come with extra kit like sat-nav and parking sensors
  • Lower monthly costs thanks to reduced P11d values

Volvo has announced a new trim level called "Business Edition" that's designed to attract company car drivers.

It replaces the ES and ES Nav models but benefits from more equipment and a reduced price. That means lower monthly costs for company car drivers.

Business Edition versions of the S60 saloon, the V60 estate and the larger V70 estate will be offered. As you’d expect the new cars come with creature comforts like climate control, cruise control and electric mirrors and windows.

Each Business Edition model, however, also comes with sat-nav, Bluetooth connectivity, rear parking sensors and an upgraded stereo. That should help make commuting less stressful and tiring.

Substantial savings can be made thanks to the range’s reduced list price. For example, the outgoing S60 D2 ES has a P11d value of £23,690 and a Benefit-in-Kind banding of 16% thanks to emissions of 114g/km of CO2.

Drivers in the 20% tax band will pay £63.17 a month as a result, while those in the 40% band will pay £126.3 a month.

The new S60 D2 Business Edition has a much lower P11d value of £20,690 and it also falls into the 16% Benefit-in-Kind tax band for 2012/13.

So, a 20% tax payer would end up paying £55.17 a month, while a 40% tax payer would spend £110.35 a month. That's a notable saving.

An S60 D2 Business Edition is also less costly and better specified than rivals like the BMW 316d ES.

Volvo National Corporate Operations Manager Selwyn Cooper said "We are launching our new Business Editions in the S60, V60 and V70 line-up to make it easier for company car drivers to identify the right model for them.”

“The Business Editions replace our ES and ES Nav versions but add more equipment for a lower price tag which will be even more appealing to motorists who are continually looking at ways to reduce costs without compromising luxury and comfort."

Customers will be able to order the new models on 13 August, with P11d prices starting from £19,820 for the Volvo S60 T3 Business Edition.