Parkers launches car comparison tool

  • Compare three cars simultaneously, detailed trim summaries
  • Quick access to P11D values, CO2 data and BIK Bands
  • At a glance taxation information for the years ahead

Here at Parkers we’re constantly striving to make your car choosing experience as straightforward yet as informative as possible.

We understand that making the right choice for your next car is vitally important. After all, you’re likely to be using it for work and pleasure on a regular basis for the next few years. To help eradicate confusion and simplify the process, we’ve made an addition to our range – the Compare Cars function.

The Compare Cars tool allows you to mix and match features of up to three cars simultaneously. Do you know what extra equipment an SE model has over an S? How do the emissions of a petrol model compare to the diesel? Will the estate version fit in your garage? Use the comparison tool to find out.

As a company car driver you’ll have all the headline taxation figures you need for three different cars at a glance. Comparisons between P11D valuations and BIK Bands are clear, enabling you to juggle between different specifications, engine and gearbox combinations and even different models to quickly find the car to suit your budget.

Additionally you can easily determine your annual taxation bill, for 20% and 40% rate payers not just for this financial year but the next one too.

Perhaps you know you want a particular make and model and want to see differences in mechanical specification and equipment at a glance. Or maybe you want to spend time narrowing down your choices of a few different marques before hitting the showrooms for test drives. Either way, we believe you’ll find the Compare Cars feature invaluable.

By delving into the massive Parkers resource database accessing a range of information, via a clear, logical end-user interface, is just a mouse click or touchscreen tap away.

Not only can you quickly browse the star ratings and pros and cons from the comprehensive Parkers road tests of the cars, you can also immerse yourself in details about performance, economy and detailed breakdowns of standard and optional features.