Top five Paris Motor Show cars

  • The five cars we expect to be fleet favourites
  • All promise low running costs with new tech
  • New versions of some of the most popular cars

The Paris Motor Show next week will showcase new models of some of the most popular cars in the UK.

New technology means the cars are likely to be more efficient than ever, which is great news for company car drivers since it means lower tax bills.

We've picked out what we expect to be the fleet favourites of the show, and stated exactly why we expect them to appeal to company car drivers.

1. Ford Mondeo

What is it?

The all-new Mondeo is a global car known as the Fusion in the USA. It replaces the excellent current car, which began life in 2007. The big news for company car drivers is that this car will sport Ford's excellent 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine, meaning low running costs. It looks pretty striking, too.

2. Volkswagen Golf

What is it?

The seventh generation of Golf is a vital car for Volkswagen. The incredibly popular hatchback sells in huge numbers so a new model needs to be seriously good. It's bigger than ever, while it doesn't stray too far from the accepted styling of the previous generation.

3. Renault Clio

What is it?

Renault has sold over 11.5 million Clios since the car was introduced in 1990. The new version promises more of the same formula, with improved efficiency, more impressive driving dynamics and a hike in technological features.

4. Mazda6

What is it?

The latest car to arrive on Mazda's SKYACTIV platform is a Mondeo-rivalling car which should offer extremely low running costs thanks to super-efficient petrol and diesel engines coupled with a lightweight platform. If the CX-5 SUV is anything to go by it'll drive well too.

5. Toyota Auris

What is it?

Toyota's Auris hatchback receives an update. The all-new car promises added driver enjoyment as well as lower running costs and a boost in practicality. Company car drivers will be interested in the HSD hybrid version, which offers ultra-low running costs.