Mazda offers free navigation upgrade for company car drivers

  • New offer available until the end of the year
  • Nav-equipped car usually costs £700 extra
  • Mazda looks to drive company car appeal

Mazda has announced that company car drivers will receive a free sat-nav model upgrade until the end of 2013. The offer will apply across the entire Mazda6 range of Saloon and Tourer models.

The cost of upgrading to a nav-equipped car is usually £700, Mazda believes this latest offer will help drive more company car drivers to the brand.

Mazda head of fleet Steve Tomlinson said: “Satellite navigation is a ‘must have’ feature for many fleets and company car drivers and navigation-equipped models are already extremely popular across the Mazda range.

“The new campaign will accelerate orders for all-new Mazda6 Nav models and we are particularly keen for our dealers to engage with businesses in their local areas and promote the offer. We know from Mazda6 orders just how important satellite navigation is for company car drivers. The new offer will make all-new Mazda6 Nav models more accessible and make the car an even more compelling proposition to businesses that either outright purchase or contract hire their vehicles.”

This offer is available to all companies who contract hire their cars via leasing companies, irrespective of the size of their business or their company car fleet. It is also available to all small businesses via their local dealer.

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