Top Company Car Apps

  • Free apps for Apple, Android and Blackberry devices make business driving easier
  • Drivers can log business journeys and create expense claims direct to spreadsheets
  • Apps can includes accident support, car status, dealer locator and traffic jam alerts

Car manufacturers are devising increasingly clever smartphone apps for company car drivers, aimed at making their lives easier.

These include software to help separate business and private journeys, devices to log expenses claims in spreadsheets, and apps that manage the whole process in the event of an accident and subsequent claim.

One of the apps even allows you to pre-heat your car by mobile phone before getting in on a winter morning.

Parkers has found seven apps which will make your life easier…


1) AA Roadwatch Pro

The AA has teamed up with TomTom to launch this app that helps drivers avoid traffic delays on their daily commutes. 

It alerts drivers to congestion on their planned routes, giving them the best chance to arrive at their destination on time.

Subscribers receive text alerts directly to their mobile device, providing the opportunity to choose a different route and avoid a potentially frustrating journey.

Cost: Free to download then £1.99 for 12-month subscription

Download available: From Apple iTunes store


2) Audi Mileage Tracker
This free app tracks each journey using GPS mapping and calculates business expense incurred.

Business drivers simply enter the amount normally claimed per mile, and to apply this to a particular journey, which is logged using GPS mapping.

At the end of the journey the exact amount owed as a business expense is recorded and can be transferred to a spreadsheet showing all the applicable trips taken over a given period.

This can then be emailed to a computer for expense claims. Drivers can programme the app with journeys they take regularly and recall them from the journey log, or use the start/stop function each time they leave the office.

The app can also direct them to their nearest Audi Centre.

Cost: Free

Download available: From Apple iTunes store


3) Honda Assistance App
Honda’s new app helps its car and motorcycle customers covered by either the manufacturer’s warranty or an extended guarantee to request roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident.

The app will put the smartphone user through to the Hondacare Assistance help line, and also comes with features including traffic updates via AA Roadwatch, reminders for MoT, servicing, insurance and warranty dates and a personal information store.

Cost: Free

Download available: From Apple iTunes, Android and Blackberry stores


4) Mercedes-Benz My Claims UK 
The MyClaims UK app was developed to enable drivers to report an accident, theft or damage to their vehicle via their iPhone, guiding them through the claims process and helping to gather the information needed to get a submission started.

It uses iPhone technology to take photographs at the scene of an accident, GPS to pinpoint the exact location and contact the emergency services or friends and family if necessary.

Any customer with a Mercedes-Benz Motor Insurance policy can use the MyClaims UK App; after entering a few details and policy information, the App is ready to use.

Cost: Free

Download available: From Apple iTunes store


5) MyMazda app
The MyMazda App is available to customers free of charge.

Linked to Mazda’s Digital Service Records (DSR) – which records all service events for Mazda vehicles on a central database – the app allows Mazda owners to review their service history, automatically receive service reminders, request roadside assistance, check and edit their personal and vehicle details, as well as find their nearest Mazda dealership.

A car’s full service history will appear on MyMazda which will also take into account the user’s driving patterns and remind them when to book their next scheduled service.

Cost: Free

Download available: From Apple iTunes and Android stores


6) Vauxhall RoadTrip
The RoadTrip app, which is compatible with Apple and Android devices, has been developed by Vauxhall but offers details for any make and model of vehicle.

Drivers select their vehicle make and model (either by drop down boxes or by inputting the registration number), enter their destination and the app will then plan the route, calculating the cost of the journey including business mileage rates and other likely expenses.

And the newly-added RoadTrip Online feature allows the user to sync all their journeys to their work computer, whilst the apps’ expense report previews can be emailed to the user’s manager as CSV files.

Cost: Free

Download available: From Apple iTunes and Android stores


7) Volvo On Call
The Volvo On Call app, when linked to the On Call Telematics unit in the car (this is an optional extra), allows the driver to remotely monitor a host of vehicle functions.

These include: fuel or battery level, trip meters and more. It also lets drivers control a parking heater to pre-heat the car before getting in.

Other features include locating your vehicle on a map or by using the vehicle horn and blink indicators, checking that all doors and windows are shut/locked, remotely locking and unlocking the car, editing the driving journal which can categorise trips as business or private, merge trips, rename and send to an email contact, and analysis of trip routes with map view and statistics such as fuel and/or battery consumption, as well as speed.

Cost: Free

Download available: From Apple iTunes and Android stores


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