Honda unveils new Jazz for 2015

  • New car is a departure from the existing model's conservative design
  • New Jazz is to be even more practical than the current model
  • Does the design hint at a new target market for the Jazz?

Honda has announced it will be unveiling the prototype of an all-new generation of their popular hatchback, the Jazz, at the Paris Motor Show. Honda says the new model will go on sale in the summer of 2015, so despite the launch car being billed as a prototype, we can expect the finished article to be very similar.

The most striking aspect of the new Jazz is its design. The swooping lines and front end are reminiscent of the recently revealed Honda HR-V, showing a commitment to design consistency from the Japanese marque. Its prominent rear spoiler, twin triangular rear vents and large front air ducts certainly gives the new Jazz as sporty and striking image which is the company no doubt hopes will attract a few more younger buyers. 

Now 15mm longer for a more spacious cabin and with the inclusion of ‘Honda Magic Seats’, it will be one of the most practical cars in its class. Honda also claims the car will have a more refined and comfortable ride, thanks to a new suspension system.

Current details suggest a new 1.3-litre i-VTEC petrol will power the Jazz. Honda says this will feature ‘Earth Dreams technology’ and provide both improved fuel economy and higher performance. They don’t say whether it will provide a reduction in CO2 emissions, though it's reasonable to expect so.  Honda is yet to announce if a hybrid or plug-in model will be available.