Jaguar XE: the six reasons why it’s your next company car

  • All-new Jaguar XE features striking design and low running costs
  • Efficient diesel engine reduces low tax bills thanks to 99g/km CO2
  • Faces extremely strong competition from the premium German brands

The all-new Jaguar XE is due to go sale with the promise of it proving a big hit with company car drivers.

It’s already stirring up a lot of interest, so Parkers has delved into the XE’s spec sheet to see if the hype is justified.

There are six great reasons why the new Jaguar XE will be your next company car, but also two hard-hitting ones why it won’t. Here’s what you need to know:

It’s got the looks...

Jaguar makes cars that stand out. From the striking larger XF saloon through to the dynamic and muscular looking F-Type sports car, you know when you are looking at a Jaguar. Even given that company car drivers tend to be more conservative, the XE’s design stands out.

The XE's low emissions mean low tax.

...And a low monthly tax bill

The Jaguar XE delivers a low tax bill. With just 99g/km of CO2 the XE attracts 17 percent BIK for the tax year 2015/16. The following year it drops to 16 percent as the 3 percent diesel surcharge disappears.

The entry-level 2.0D SE (161bhp version with six-speed manual) delivers the cheapest tax bill but the 2.0D R Sport (same engine and gearbox) is the executive’s choice.

A 40 percent tax payer will incur a monthly tax bill of £168 for the SE and £182 for the R Sport in year one, dropping to £158 SE and £172 for R Sport in year two. It then rises to £178 and £193 for SE and R Sport respectively for year three. 

Infrequent fuel pump visits

Thanks to all-new engines the average fuel consumption figure is a claimed 75mpg for the 2-litre diesel with 161bhp and six-speed manual. That’s likely to be a real-world average of low 60mpgs, and with steady cruising 70mpg could be possible. 

The Jaguar XE.

It’s British and a Jaguar

The Jaguar XE has been conceived, designed and built in the UK – it’s more British than Prince Charles’ Union flag underpants.

Secondly, it’s a Jaguar – not only a premium brand but a cool one at that. This is the brand that churned out the F-Type Roadster and Coupe, plus the XF saloon and Sportbrake estate, including the rapid RS versions.

This is also the company that produced the Jaguar E-Type launched in 1961, a sports car Ferrari’s boss described as the most beautiful car ever made.     

You’ll get a test drive

The manufacturer is equipping every dealership with a demo XE, so anyone wanting a test drive can secure one.

There’s an on-line configurator too so you can work out what the monthly tax cost is of any XE version including any options fitted.

Jaguar XE

It’s the driver’s car

Jaguar’s bold claim for its XE is that it will set the standard for driving pleasure.

The spec sheet looks promising. The XE is lightweight (made from aluminium), should be agile (new rear suspension and electric steering are set up to deliver a natural feel) and features electronic systems to enhance driving (such as Torque Vectoring which sharpens cornering). Only a Parkers test drive will tell though.

But competition is fierce

The Jaguar XE faces very stiff competition from the premium German brands.

The BMW 3 Series is currently the driver’s car, while the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class has impressed with its quality interior and Audi’s A4 is close on both fronts. In short, the XE will have to be outstanding to just rival these three let alone beat them.

The Jaguar XE.

And it won’t be on your chooser list

Jaguar does currently provide company cars with the larger XF, but not in large volumes, so the XE is not automatically going to turn up on all company car choosing lists.

Jaguar has to persuade fleet managers to take it on and it has over 20 fleet specialists at key UK dealerships to promote the XE but is it enough?

If the saloon isn’t on your chooser list then Jaguar reckons it will have some compelling PCP deals, should you take the company car cash option.

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