Manufacturer websites critical when choosing next company car

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Manufacturer websites are the number one source for information when choosing a new company car, according to new research from Sewells Intelligence.

Over 2,000 fleet drivers were questioned in the 'User Chooser Barometer', with 20 percent stating they use manufacturer websites as their first source for information when searching for a new company car, out-weighing company vehicle choice lists.

Of the 20 sources offered, 42 percent used a manufacturer website as a source when searching for a new company car with 23 percent stating it was ‘very useful’.

The online source was ranked above traditional brochures and fleet managers in importance.

The traditional manufacturer brochure was the second most-used source of information, however only six percent of respondents considered these as a primary source.

Simon Staplehurst, commercial manager at Sewells Research and Insight, commented: “The importance of the website as a key element of marketing real estate has never been clearer. With more opportunities to go online through mobiles and tablets, having sites that work across multiple platforms and devices is critical.

“It seems that the customer buying process has shifted. The typical journey now begins on a manufacturer site before customers move on to independent websites, forums and blogs to research their purchases. Engaging with potential customers during their research phase now means making sure your website supports this shift as well as finding ways to bring customers back from third party sites.

“Manufacturers are aware of the need to have a synchronised message platform, but the website is still the number one place for information. Big launches may well grab the headlines, but equally important are websites - never has that been truer than now.”