Volvo S90 promises classier cabin and low tax bills

  • Volvo S90 enters the premium executive saloon market
  • Low CO2 diesel engines plus a plug-in hybrid
  • Plenty of technology paried with a comfortable ride

There’s more choice in the executive saloon market than ever thanks to the established Audi A6BMW 5 SeriesMercedes-Benz E-Class, and of course the relatively new Jaguar XF.

From summer 2016 drivers will have another tempting option: the new Volvo S90, which replaces the unfancied S80.

It’s longer, roomier and more upmarket than the car it replaces, but what does it do to interest company car drivers?

Styling and engine sizes shared with XC90 

As well as adopting the Thor’s hammer headlights from the larger seven-seat XC90, the S90 will also be powered by 2-litre, four cylinder engines like its SUV counterpart.

S90 inside

There’s a powerful petrol T6 and then D4 (187bhp) and D5 (232bhp) diesel engines to choose from. The latter is fast (7.3 seconds 0-62mph) yet promises 55mpg and 133g/km of CO2 output.

The less potent D4 still cracks the benchmark sprint in 8.2 seconds but promises a much more attractive 68mpg and 109g/km.

However, the most impressive version for fleet drivers will be the T8 plug-in hybrid, which produces 401bhp while claiming 148mpg and CO2 emissions of just 44g/km.

Its low CO2 emissions mean it won't cost a lot in Benefit-in-Kind taxation - while it's likely the T8 will cost more than the other S90 engines to buy, its far lower carbon dioxide output means that if you can convince your company to buy one, you won't be faced with a massive monthly bill.

Inside you get a large touchscreen infotainment system and a diminished smattering of buttons when compared to the old S80. Material quality has been improved, and there’s more space in the cabin.

Technology given a boost too

On top of the large touchscreen you can also get a semi-autonomous Autopilot system which can take over the controls for you in a traffic jam.

Volvo S90 touchscreen

The autonomous braking system, which in Sweden will help you dodge rogue elks, can also help you avoid hitting wildlife and other motorists in the UK.

Suspension has been tuned for comfort rather than speed, which means a cushioned ride on long motorway cruises.

The order book opens in the middle of 2016 and prices haven't been announced yet, but are expected to be higher than the S80.

Keep an eye out for the full Volvo S90 review, coming soon on Parkers.