Ford highlights the dangers of the day after the night before

  • Ford shows a ‘Hangover Suit’ to simulate that morning after feeling
  • It's part of a Driving Skills For Life programme aimed at new drivers
  • It highlights the dangers of driving when you're not at the top of your game
  • Although company car drivers are well aware of the dangers that drink driving poses to life, limb and career, Ford has unveiled a timely reminder. Its new 'Hangover Suit' safely shows drivers how they can be compromised - even when they're under the legal limit.

    The festive period is a peak time for drivers to take a risk by drinking more than they should before getting behind the wheel. According to new research, alcohol is a factor in one in six European road accident fatalities, and here in the UK, one in 10 drink driving arrests take place between 6.00 and 8.00am.

    Ford's new ‘Hangover Suit’ weighs more than 17kg, and has special wrist and ankle weights, cap and goggles, plus headphones to simulate the fatigue, dizziness, throbbing head and difficulty concentrating that come as part of your festive hangover.

    Even when you're under the limit, hangovers are a danger

    Ford Driving Skills for Life manager, Jim Graham, says: 'The Hangover Suit shows how debilitating a hangover can be and the risk that driving in that condition can present to all road users.'

    Even when drivers are no longer over the legal alcohol limit they still present a risk that can be as high as those who are drink driving, with drivers likely to be sleep deprived and their reaction times affected.

    Among those who have already experienced the suit first hand is Dr Richard Stephens, a senior lecturer in psychology at Keele University in the UK, and an alcohol researcher with expertise in hangovers. 'People often do not realise the degree to which a hangover impacts your core ability to do anything,' he said. 'The Hangover Suit' brings that point home loud and clear.'