Tesla Model 3 charges up for the masses

  • Smallest Tesla will also be the cheapest in the range
  • Capable of reaching 215 miles on one charge
  • Zero emissions means a low seven percent BIK tax rate

With the launch of the Tesla Model 3 recently announced, fans of the firm’s vehicles will be pleased to know this latest addition to the range will also be the most affordable.

Up until now, the cheapest Model S would cost a little under £60,000, but the new, smaller Model 3 could cost approximately half that.

Considering a Tesla Model S in the UK currently costs 20 percent more than a US equivalent, a Model 3 in the UK could be as little as £30,000 (launch price expected to be $35,000 in US).

This price would otherwise net you a diesel-engined 2-litre Audi A4 TDI Ultra SE or a BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Plus.

If you were considering going down the hybrid route, the equivalent Mercedes-Benz C-Class C300h SE automatic costs £35,000, while a Lexus IS 300h can be had for £28,995.

Sitting in a seven percent BIK tax band for the current 2016/17 year, the Tesla Model 3 could cost a 20 percent tax payer as little as £35 a month. In comparison, the BMW 320d would cost £90 a month thanks to the diesel engine sitting in a BIK tax band of 17 percent. Even the Lexus with its lower price and BIK tax band of 16 percent will incur a cost of £77 a month.

From London to Leeds comfortably on one charge

With an estimated range of 215 miles per charge, the Tesla Model 3 could prove to be a viable option for company car drivers, asking less of a compromise to lifestyle changes in order to accommodate battery charging times.

With the UK investing in the growing network of fast-charging supercharger points, a driver looking to top up their battery could gain an extra 68 miles after an hours charge time. Free Wi-Fi at these points would allow company car drivers to retain a degree of productivity during this downtime too.

Expected to be a big hit with retail and fleet customers, first deliveries of the Model 3 are set to start at the end of 2017, with a substantial waiting list already after 276,000 buyers - from both new and pre-existing owners – put down a deposit.

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