BMW i3 S: halve your BIK bills with electric hot hatch

  • i3 S £135 per month less to tax than petrol BMW 1 Series
  • Monthly BIK bill of just £111 (for 40% taxpayers)
  • Petrol VW Polo GTI automatic £172 per month in comparison

Slotting into the lowest 9% BIK tax band but with precisely twice the power of the zero-emission Renault Zoe, the new BMW i3 S is a savvy company car choice for those after a low-tax hot hatch.

This new electric BMW supermini stands alongside the standard i3 but gains extra muscle from its tuned motor, lowered sports suspension and wheels that have been pushed further apart on their axles for greater roadholding.

BIK bills of just £111 per month for 40% taxpayers

With a list price just shy of £37,000 the i3 S is not a cheap car to lease – so you’ll need to have a large monthly allowance to avoid digging into your own pocket each month. However, its rock-bottom BIK rating of 9% means that it’ll cost you less in company car tax than a 100hp 1.0-litre automatic Ford Fiesta.

BMW i3s

Higher rate taxpayers can expect a monthly bill of £111 compared with £120 for the £16,395 Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 115hp SRI VX-Line 5dr. And the tax savings are even bigger if you compare to other upmarket small hatchbacks like the Audi A1.*

Go for the Audi A1 Sportback 1.4 TFSI 150 S Line automatic and you’ll face a bill of £159 per month.*

Save £135 per month with BMW i3 S compared with BMW 120i M Sport

The potential savings grow even larger compared with the BMW 120i M Sport 5dr, which offers similar performance to the i3 S. Despite reasonably low emissions for a nippy petrol model – placing it into the 26% BIK band – and an £8,560 lower price tag than the i3, it’ll cost you an additional £135 every month in tax, at £246.*

BMW i3s

And if you’re considering a diesel BMW 125d M Sport, that lightens your wallet to the tune of £276 every month – nearly £2,000 more than the i3 over the year.*

Even the smaller, more affordable VW Polo GTI DSG 5dr will set you back £61 more per month in tax than the i3 S, with the MINI Cooper S 5dr automatic weighing in at a couple of pounds more. The much cheaper-feeling Renaultsport Clio 200, meanwhile, is still £58 per month dearer than the i3.*

Real-world range stands at 125 miles – the same as standard BMW i3

Where the i3 S can’t compete with petrol and diesel alternatives is in range. BMW claims that this car can cover up to 174 miles per charge, though you can expect a real-world figure of around 125 miles between plugs.

BMW i3s

On the flipside, if you’re able to top up at work and when you get home, this could cut petrol stations out of your life completely.

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*All BIK charges calculated assuming the driver is a 40% taxpayer