Company car drivers: want the best value Jaguar XE to tax? You need a petrol

  • Save £85 per month with the petrol Jaguar XE
  • Petrol Jaguar XE claimed economy jumps by 20%
  • Petrols' low list prices make them value choice

The 75mpg, 99g/km diesel version of Jaguar XE might be the obvious model for company car drivers – slotting into the low 21% BIK band – but it’s the petrol versions that make the smart choice. That’s because the list prices – one of the two factors used to calculate BIK charges – are so much lower than diesel equivalents that they offset higher emissions.

To get the 99g/km headline figure for the XE you have to go for the least powerful manual diesel model. While this boasts low £228 per month BIK payments in R-Sport form, go for the automatic gearbox, which suits the car much better, and you’ll have to pay £264 per month in tax (both figures for 40% taxpayers).

Entry-level petrol cheaper to tax than less powerful diesel

More desirable still, is the automatic 180hp diesel, thanks to its additional power and negligible CO2 emission penalty, though this bumps up monthly tax charges to £281. Despite offering 20hp more and much greater refinement, the 200hp 20t petrol XE, meanwhile, will shrink your tax bills to £277 per month (again for higher-rate taxpayers).

The petrol might lag way behind in the economy stakes – offering claimed fuel economy of 45.1mpg compared with 67.3mpg for the diesel – but it is a very substantial £4,280 cheaper in the first place, dramatically lowering leasing costs. This means that you should be able to get a better specification petrol Jaguar XE for your monthly allowance in addition to saving yourself £4 per month in tax.

BIK charges (for 20/40% taxpayers respectively

Petrol 2.0 20t 200hp R-Sport automatic: £129/£277

Petrol 2.0 25t 250hp R-Sport automatic: £150/£300

Diesel 2.0d 163hp R-Sport automatic: £132/£264

Diesel 2.0d 180hp R-Sport automatic: £140/£281

Range-topping petrol Jaguar XE saves company car drivers up to £85 per month

Look further up the Jaguar XE price list and the petrol versions could save you even more. With a whopping £4,780 P11D penalty for the diesel and no difference in BIK band (as the lower-emission diesel is subject to the 3% diesel surcharge) going for an all-wheel drive petrol 25t model could put an additional £46 in your pocket each month with BIK charges of £339 compared with £385 for the diesel.

If you can do without the economy-draining all-wheel drive option, the 250hp petrol XE fares even better, with payments falling to just £300 per month. Over a three-year contract this £85 change each month could save you more than £3,000, meaning you can effectively add a number of optional extras for free or have cash to save each month.

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