Company cars are driving UK car registration growth

  • Fleets responsible for majority of new cars on the road
  • Figures reveal fleet market share is growing in the UK
  • We run through the numbers

Fleet drivers are favouring the same cars as private buyers in the UK, with the Ford Fiesta topping the list in both areas.

Other UK favourites are present in the company car charts, too – which we’ve detailed below.

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What are the most popular fleet cars?

The most popular cars for fleets are generally the same as private buyers, with just a couple of variations between the two areas. At the top of the company car pile are:

Ford Fiesta – 46,840 

Volkswagen Golf – 43,393

Vauxhall Astra – 43,144

Ford Focus – 43,037

Nissan Qashqai – 36,381

The Fiesta aside, it’s clear fleets favour medium-sized hatchbacks over smaller superminis – it’s no wonder you see so many of the cars in the top five driving up and down the country’s motorways.

A car that’s also likely to be favoured by company car drivers – the Mercedes-Benz C-Class – also made its way into the top 10 overall registrations, in ninth place. It’s likely a good chunk of these will be used on fleets, too.

Fleet registrations make up more than half of UK figures

New car registrations for fleets (more than 25 cars) accounted for 51.3% of the market in 2016, while businesses (up to 24 cars) added an extra 3.9% to this.

In raw numbers, 1,380,750 cars were registered in 2016 for fleet use, while 105,786 were registered for business use. This compares with 1,206,250 private registrations.

For a more detailed break-down of 2016’s new car registrations, click here.

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