Four-day company car test drives now available across entire SEAT range

  • Fleet drivers can try out SEATs for four days
  • Follows popularity of four-day Ateca test drives
  • Can be booked through any SEAT dealership

Company car drivers can get a raw deal when trying to arrange a test drive in the showroom, as dealers can prioritise retail buyers. However, SEAT is redressing the balance, with four-day test drives now available across the range for fleet drivers.

Following significant demand for four-day test drives for the new Ateca crossover, SEAT has made these available for all models. These extended drives can be booked through any dealership, SEAT Business Centre specialist or on one of the company’s fleet websites.

Following the announcement Peter McDonald, head of fleet and business sales at SEAT UK, stated: ‘The Ateca’s extended test drive service was launched just a matter of months ago, and was an immediate success; expanding the service was a no-brainer.’

‘Test drives are one of the most important stages in choosing a new car, particularly for fleets. Business customers need to be certain they’re making the right decision, and we’re happy to give them the time to make sure individual needs are met.’

Business users can book an extended test drive here.